12 MUST Do To Lose Weight

Are you happy with the way you look and your weight? Majority of people work out to lose weight. But to get results and achieve your goals, it takes time and patience.

What sacrifices are you ready to make to accomplish your ideal weight goal? For successful weight loss, 80% is related to your diet, 10% is related to your physical activities and 10% is genetic (there is nothing you can do about that).

If you are ready to make the change, here is where to start.

  • If you want to be leaner, you need to modify what and the way you eat, because weight loss won’t happen by itself. That is a decision you should make not just for one month or one year, but the long haul.
  • Reduce your portion size. I always give this tip to my clients: eat in small bowls and plates. Bigger the plate is, the more you want to fill it up. If you use a small plate, it will look full and you will be more satisfied.
  • Use a journal and write down everything that goes in your mouth! When you write, you can analyze better what you eat. Get a sample of a food diary here.
  • Snack time? If you want to eat between meals, choose wisely. Forget the bag of potato chips or chocolate bar. Make yourself a smoothie or bring an apple with almonds.
  • If you are just getting started on an exercise program, first you need to know that it takes between 8-12 weeks to see a change in your body.
  • Sweat it out! Exercise can help to boost your metabolism, decrease fatigue and help with weight loss. Start slowly and increase the intensity progressively.
  • Modify your training every week, for example:
    • Cardiovascular exercise: add 5 minutes each week to your cardio exercise or add intensity to it. Later, add inclination.
    • Strength training: add 5% more weight each week.
  • Let’s get hard like a rock! Majority of my clients want to tone and get firmer. Lift weights and do between 10-15 repetitions. In 6 to 12 weeks or when you will feel stronger, increase your weights and do between 6-8 reps to build more muscle mass.

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