Barry K.

I was experiencing low back and hip pain for some time. I was taking Mel’s Pilates class and was able to arrange some one on one instruction as well. Mel outlined a series of exercises and stretches working with me adding different moves with each private instruction. Due to her expertise and dedication to help, the pain eventually was gone. Mel truly makes a difference, she is the most positive, helpful and informative instructor I have ever encountered.

Dale K.

Mel is an enthusiastic, confident, positive and very informative instructor who consistently motivates and encourages each student in the class. She has levels of difficulty for most moves making it seem as though we are receiving individual instruction. Her Pilates class is excellent for any age and any ability. Mel is dedicated to ensuring that each student receives attention. I sincerely recommend Mel’s Pilates class to anyone. The benefits are amazing!

John: from a walker, a cane to no more aids!

When I first started working out with John, he was using a walker, his balance wasn’t good and he was a frail older adult. After only 2 months, his progress has been amazing. He stopped using his walker and cane! He is now walking without any aids. His balance is better and he is not as afraid to fall.

Jim E.

Jim had health conditions when he first started working out with me. After 3.5 years, his blood pressure and heart rate are lower. His physician has reduced his meds for blood pressure and he is not on medication anymore for diabetes Type II:) Watch his short video:)

Shawni M.

Mel is a fantastic trainer! She keeps the yoga practice fun and interesting while a the same time working out the kinks!

Loralie and Mike W. (pain release and yoga)

We have worked with Mel for several years both as a restorative therapeutic exercise professional and a yoga instructor . She is extremely knowledgeable and inspirational. Her smile and laughter are contagious and encouragement to do just a few more comes with ease. She is thoughtful and caring with her approach through her lessons and works hard with all age groups. I would highly recommend Mel to any of my friends or family.

Dawn B. (knee replacement and arthritis)

I have attended Melanie Morrissette’s class of Strength & Flexibility for many years. As a person with arthritis in all joints these classes have been very beneficial. As a women of seventy-eight years of age who has had two knee replacements within the past couple years I have progressed greatly because of attending these classes and have been capable to do nearly all exercise and if they are too painful she has always given me an alternative. I look forward to the beginning of the next session.

Lucie B. from Quebec

Mel is a dynamic person and her energy is very motivating for my personal training. She finds ways to adapt exercises for my arthritis and I have less pain at my shoulders, knees and hips. I enjoy our laughers on every day of our trainings. I also enjoy her calmness when I do chair yoga and Pilates. I have purchased many videos from Mel such as Chair Yoga, Active for Life, Ski Conditioning and I love them all! You are so beautiful Mel! Thank you

Misha M.

Melanie pays close attention to her clients and always wants to help you become and stay fit and healthy.

Valerie C.

Everything. There is something for everyone in these workouts.

Jollean M.

I find her classes very beneficial as we age. She knows the right kind of exercises we need. I have attended her classes and will be glad when they will start again:)

Debbie S. with severe osteoporosis

Mel is my personal trainer. She has helped me to develop a safe varied program specific to my needs. I have severe osteoporosis and have had three compression fractures over the past two years. Mel has guided me through specific tailored varied exercises from mat to bands to balls to yoga free weights machines you name it, teaching me the do’s and don’t of what my osteo will allow me to safely do. She watches and corrects my every move even doing videos on my phone so I can refer to them when needed. I was so nervous to even think about a personal trainer but honestly this is one if the best things I have ever done for myself and with her expert guidance I am confident I will be stronger, my balance has been greatly improved and I will remain fracture free for years to come. She is one of the kindness and most genuine people I have ever met. We have so many laughs she is a delight to be around. Thanks Mel you have made such impact on my health and how I view fitness you have no idea.