May 31, 2020Testimonials

Mel, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy your Online Friday chair yoga classes. It is so nice to see your smiling face and dedication teaching us. I hope that one day soon we will be able to return to the center to meet up again with all our friends.  Stay well and please keep your nice smile.  

Jackie St. G.

April 24, 2020Testimonials

Mel, thank you so much for offering Online Fitness Classes!  I love all your videos.  You provide a great variety of exercises and it can be modified to make it harder which is great.  I was telling everyone because I am used to your style of yoga, when I close my eyes and hear your voice, it’s like we are in the same room.  Much love, Jackie.

Linda B.

March 27, 2020Testimonials

Mel is really amazing!! She always provides a modification to any move, so that anyone can safely practice with her. She also exudes joy and generosity!! It is a pleasure to participate in her yoga classes.

Susan R.

March 27, 2020Testimonials

I have a wonderful time at Aquafit. Looking forward to when we can have classes again!

Alison M.

March 27, 2020Testimonials

Melanie is a wonderful trainer! She is always so full of energy, and always coaching us to use proper technique!

Elaine V.

March 27, 2020Testimonials

I have been taking Melanie’s classes for about a year now. I love that she pays attention to everyone in the class. She watches to ensure you are not only keeping correct posture but also that you are challenging yourself! Her classes are educational, fun and I have definitely noticed a difference in my balance, my core strength and my flexibility.

Linda H.

March 27, 2020Testimonials

Melanie taught our aquafit class and she is a great motivator while remaining upbeat and friendly. I would highly recommend Melanie for all of your fitness needs.

Cathy D.

March 27, 2020Testimonials

Melanie is an excellent trainer who always watches to make sure that you are keeping correct posture, not struggling, and doing the exercises properly to get the most out of the workout. And she is super fun and loves what she does!

Marilyn H.

March 27, 2020Testimonials

Melanie has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with. She has helped me develop several workout programs to keep me interested and excited about my fitness regime. This includes universal gym & mat; free weights, aquafit, yoga & kickboxing! She is straightforward but gentle in her communication. She listens intently to me and shows great flexibility in making changes when I show concern about a specific move […]

Anne M.

March 27, 2020Testimonials

I have been taking aqua fit from Melanie for over three years at  Gallagher’s canyon.  Mel is professional, dedicated to her students, energetic, fun to be with, and she always has great music.  She switches up the exercise routines and the use of equipment and always tries to Challenge and get the best from her students.  I look forward to when classes can start again. Thank you Melanie.


February 14, 2020Testimonials

Mel, thank you for encouraging me, challenging me and believing in me. Mel, it means a lot to have your support. I appreciate the way you have made me feel, both mentally and physically.  You work hard and deserve to have a very Happy Valentines Day.  From your very happy fitness student and friend.  Curly, Jim (84 years old) xoxoxo

Judy C.

February 14, 2020Testimonials

Mel, you are an excellent teacher. I love the aquatic class you teach for us at Gallagher’s Canyon.   I love the way you stay out of the water and show us what to do ….. we could see then !!! Each class use a different strengthening tool which was fun.

Louise M.

December 29, 2019Testimonials

Mélanie is the motivator par excellence! Put your trust in her. I have been doing fitness with her for years and I still enjoy all her classes.  She gives a lot of options and I like the way she changes our exercise program every week.

Marjeta K.

December 29, 2019Testimonials

Mel is such a great trainer. After I broke my foot, my mobility was very bad; I was walking slow because I was afraid of falling again. Mel has proposed me to train in the pool to improve my balance, strength and mobility. It worked! I also participate in her Osteofit class which is perfect for me to stay strong and independent. Since my husband passed away, I need to take […]

Beth M.

March 4, 2018Testimonials

I’m moving next month to Calgary and I will miss you and the group of great ladies (Osteofit group).  They all made me feel so welcome. Mel, can you clone yourself and move with me?  I enjoyed all your classes and did feel so much better.  Your spirit and attitude was so positive that it rubbed off on the rest of us. I’m feeling sad but I’m willing to tackle a […]

Jodi W.

May 5, 2017Testimonials

Osteofit: Melanie takes her work very seriously and gives to her classes more than 100 per cent. She keeps up with the latest changes and makes sure we have individual attention with regard to our personal health issues. I love our class. We enjoy ourselves as well as work hard to maintain our different fitness levels. Thank you Melanie for your kind and caring ways with your clients.

Lakeshore Place

May 2, 2017Testimonials

Melanie, thank you so much for all the extra effort you put in to teaching our residents.  It is so wonderful to see how much you care!


December 15, 2016Testimonials

Dear Mel, I would like you to know just how much I appreciate your Zumba classes. I truly appreciate what you have to offer us.  I want you to know that you have added to my sense of well-being. Thank you.

Michelle L.

October 2, 2016Testimonials

Mel, thank you so much for all your great Bosu classes and your dedication!  Thank you for being you and  so wonderful!

Debbie and Garry

October 2, 2016Testimonials

Dear Melanie, Thursdays are always a “bright light day” for both of us and you make it so. Your delightful sense of humor, beautiful accent, creative moves and sense of fun are always evident. What great times we have in your classes!  Thank you sincerely for the exercises and friendship.  Love, Debbie and Garry.

Sharlene D.

July 26, 2016Testimonials

Some days, I decide to play in my closet trying on clothes.  I put on one of my bathing suits, this morning.  Checking out from all angles and OMG my cellulite on the back of my legs is gone!!!  Mel, your classes are really paying off.


July 2, 2016Testimonials

Melanie, you are perfect at filling up our spirits through the practice of yoga. Your countless hours of instruction supported my mind and body.  You are truly gifted at what you do!  You will be missed.  Best wishes.  Lisa.

Debbie K.

June 20, 2016Testimonials

Melanie, thank you so much for being my yoga guide; it has made such a difference in my life.  I will miss you on Thursday night. Lots of love, Namaste.

Heather M.

April 12, 2016Testimonials

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for making the beginner yoga class fun but also a place to refocus. Your class has help me grow in strength, flexibility, and keeping my mind focused on my yoga (my mind loves to focus on problems).  Thank you Mel  


December 3, 2015Testimonials

“Mel, thank you! You have been such an amazing friend and your smile is contagious.  I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be in your class.  Your positivity means a lot and it truly helped me build some much needed self esteem.  Because of your support, I was able to look past my own inhibitions and work on becoming a happier, more positive person.  You have really […]


October 31, 2015Testimonials

Mel, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to yoga (LOVE it) and even the possibility of other exercise … and how much better I feel when I’m active.I really appreciate how much you care about your clients and celebrate in there accomplishments.Keep on teaching!!! You are such an inspiration. 

Gina T.

October 30, 2015Testimonials

I enjoy these yoga classes more than any others in town (and yes I have gone to all the other yoga studios I believe).  Mel is the best.


October 30, 2015Testimonials

I enjoy this class every year and have had a variety of teachers, Melanie is great, personable and kept me coming back!


September 5, 2015Testimonials

Hands down these outdoor circuit training exercise classes are worth every penny. Melanie gives one on one instruction in a class environment and a few laughs along the way. I look forward to working out !!!!


June 30, 2015Testimonials

Mel, I would like to thank you for your dedication to the arthritis classes and for you being you. It is such a pleasure to be in your classes.  

Brenda H

June 29, 2015Testimonials

Mel, I’m not sure if I will be having you back for one on one personal training BUT if it wasn’t for my personal training with you, I wouldn’t be pushing myself in these classes I’m taking or having the opportunity to be called a show off!! I have to thank you for everything you’ve done to help me push myself and get in the shape that I’m in! I […]


June 26, 2015Testimonials

Mel is an awesome instructor!!  Best yoga in Kelowna!


June 2, 2015Testimonials

I have enjoyed both classes today Mel. You are such a great trainer and a wonderful person. I am so glad I have met you.

Brenda H.

May 21, 2015Testimonials

What I really wanted to say to you is to thank you for my classes as they have helped me tremendously in my PRC classes! You may not be coming to my home any more for me, but you are always with me during my classes!! I hear your voice when I’m doing certain stretches or I push myself a little more knowing that’s what you’d want me to do!! […]


May 20, 2015Testimonials

Mel is a great instructor who knows her stuff and is very patient with explaining.


May 20, 2015Testimonials

Mel is a great instructor. She gives us modifications so that all degrees of abilities can accomplish the exercises.

Carol S.

November 29, 2014Testimonials

She is a great motivator and full of encouragement.


November 29, 2014Testimonials

I can feel my body failing me/rebelling when I don’t take the time  practicing yoga and stretching.  You do a fantastic job. I can get frustrated with myself very quickly and I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.


November 29, 2014Testimonials

Keep up the great teaching and enthusiasm for what you do!


November 29, 2014Testimonials

We want more classes!  Love yoga with Melanie!


November 8, 2014Testimonials

I wouldn’t change a thing!  Melanie is my all-time favorite yoga instructor, so encouraging and inspiring.

October 2014

November 8, 2014Testimonials

Yoga stretches and strengthens my muscles and challenges me just right.  It’s great to have modifications or variations to choose from.

October 2014

November 8, 2014Testimonials

Thanks for a very enjoyable yoga class! My first at PRC – It has been wonderful.


November 8, 2014Testimonials

The world needs more people like you. The world needs more people as thoughtful as you, for joy is a part of each nice thing you do… Mel, the kindness you share brightens so many days – Thank you for all of your wonderful ways.


October 29, 2014Testimonials

Even if I can’t do all the steps, I’m still encouraged to just keep moving. I’ve never exercised in a group until Mel’s Zumba class came along. I love it so much, I’ll stick with it.


October 29, 2014Testimonials

Mel is a great Zumba instructor, great motivator, makes working out fun.

Barb and Annie

October 20, 2014Testimonials

I have to tell you one more time that both  classes were fabulous on Wednesday. Annie and I are still talking about the yoga class especially when this little angel named Melanie started to sing Amazing Grace. Such a nice touch and I will be back! Have a great day, namaste Barb


September 6, 2014Testimonials

Hi Mel, thank you so much for such a great class this morning!  Wow… what a beautiful gift it was to be on the beach doing yoga in the sand! Again… thank you for your beautiful energy.  I sure appreciate you! Sharon  

Lee G.

December 17, 2013Testimonials

You converted  me to zumba. You always made the classes so much fun with all your energy and  your smile. I always say, all us old girls go there, because we want to come out  looking like YOU.

Ann & Charlie

December 14, 2013Testimonials

Thank you for all your great classes “Ooh La La”! The best of the season. Cheers.

Doris M.

December 13, 2013Testimonials

Melanie, you have taught me to keep my shoulders down, have better self-esteem and you have made me push my limits without injury.  My injuries are always self-inflicted!

Ginette W

November 22, 2013Testimonials

After 20 years, I can still fit in my wedding dress!  I had Melanie as my personal trainer for 5 months; I have lost 40 pounds!  Thanks Mel, because of your exercise program, your encouragement, and your nutrition tricks I have been able to reach my goal. I like my body!

Excellent Zumba

September 22, 2013Testimonials

Excellent Zumba Gold class.  Fun, fun, fun and always explaining the steps.

Pat J

September 22, 2013Testimonials

A delightful personality makes one happy while exercising.  Great class, great workout.

Sharron G

June 22, 2013Testimonials

Great Zumba class, good instructor.

Brenda H

June 22, 2013Testimonials

Thanks Mel!  I went strawberry picking Friday night and picked 17 lbs. I was thinking about you the whole time as I was able to be on my ”bad” knee the majority of the time.  I was doing lots of stretching across the berry patch and all I thought was ”I couldn’t have done this without Mel!” By the way, I have stepped on the scale and my weight was […]

Positive Feedback

May 22, 2013Testimonials

Melanie – Little French Girl- I really enjoyed her Zumba class on Thursday.

Marion & John M

February 22, 2013Testimonials

My wife and I are active at the H2O and participate regularly in the morning programs.  We want to thank Melanie to be one of the most helpful and conscientious members of your staff.  She is a great asset to your organization.  Melanie epitomizes the ‘Y” ideal of growth of body, mind and spirit.  My yearlong rehabilitation would not have been nearly as successful without her help.  She devised a […]

Pat H

February 8, 2013Testimonials

She is a breath of spirit!  Great exercise with ball and heavy bar.  Super personality.

Kathie G

December 9, 2012Testimonials

We really like Melanie.  Lots of different moves but such a good workout.  Lets have her instruct some other times.

Linda S

April 9, 2012Testimonials

What a great instructor and an excellent Sculpt & Core class.  Like to see more of Melanie at this class.  She’s a keeper!!

Nancy. R

January 25, 2012Testimonials

Just had Melanie for Sculpt & Core.  Love Lise but Melanie had a new and different approach that worked us just has hard.  Would be great to see her on a regular basis.

Christmas Spirit

December 22, 2011Testimonials

Melanie, thank you so much for working with me this past year. I feel more of it and your classes have been a lot of fun.  Have a wonderful Christmas time.

John M

November 4, 2011Testimonials

Melanie has been a great help for my wife and I.  She has designed very specific fitness programs for us. Mine was more difficult to develop.  I have a damage back, knees, and ankle.  Melanie has developed a unique program that compliments the therapy I am receiving from my chiropractor.  Over the past year, she has twice contacted my doctor, to ensure that the programs developed not only compliments but […]

Kiran V

October 22, 2011Testimonials

Melanie is wonderful.  She dances very softly it doesn’t look like she is actually teaching.  She should take more classes here.

Cory C (general manager)

September 22, 2011Testimonials

Great feedback Mel!  You are such a great instructor. I feel lucky to have you apart of our team.  Keep up the great work and keep those ladies dancing at Zumba

Karyn S

September 22, 2011Testimonials

It was very nice to enjoy a small class of 5.  Mel is so great at walking around and correcting or ensuring form is working.  Many options.  Thanks Mel.

Heather K

September 13, 2011Testimonials

I am over fifty-five and particularly appreciate the classes instructed by Melanie who is our favorite for many of us.  This older adults class under Melanie’s direction has been superb.  She knows our names, makes exercise fun, makes a point of assisting us individually when needed and provides us with a varied and upbeat exercise class.  She knows her clients, their abilities and makes sure that we work on agility […]

Judy P

April 19, 2011Testimonials

I recommend the Y for their programs to keep seniors healthy and active;  especially Melanie for her Zumba Gold.  She recognizes that we are seniors and adjusts the dance and moves for us to avoid injuries. She gives such a good workout!  I am a nurse, I know about the injuries but I do not know adaptations which I have learned from her.

Laurie S

April 4, 2011Testimonials

I have been a member of H2O for a year or so and I want to just thank Melanie for her personal assistance, great attitude and certainly, how her work reflects so well on the staff at H2O.  She is extremely dedicated and I have found that in her capacity as trainer, she has certainly helped me get the most out of my fitness program.  I had asked for assistance […]