10 Tricks to Improve your Mood Under a Smoky Sky

By September 21, 2020Blog

Has your mood been affected by the heavy smoke we got lately? Mine change dramatically! I was feeling down, I wasn’t exercising as much and I felt lazy! I’m an outdoor person and I found it very challenging to stop my outdoor activities. I realized just how much all of us take our clean air for granted! Even my vegetable garden had suffered because the sun was unable to get […]

Outdoor Yoga, Wednesday @ 5:30 pm

By September 13, 2020Blog

Are you tired of being stuck inside? Do you feel to see other human beings? I do! My people want me to start again the Outdoor Yoga! When and Time: Wednesday @ 5:30 pm Where: Barlee Park on Barlee Rd (click here to see the map) Session 1: Wednesday, June 17th – July 29th, 2020Fees for session 1: $60 cash only or drop in : $15 Session 2: Wednesday, August […]

6 Easy Ways to Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

By September 12, 2020Blog

Do you feel overwhelmed since school has started because of the pandemic? There are now more demands on your time. There are more precautions and preparations to take for parents and teachers. Meal preparations may have become more onerous. Do you find it challenging to find ways to add more greens to your diet? I want to share some of my tricks to help you feeling more organized with your […]

Lower Back Pain: Stretch and Exercise

By September 7, 2020Blog

Have you ever experienced lower back pain? Did you know that four out of every five people will have back pain in their lifetime? Did you know that I am one of them? Since I have a lordosis (deep lower back curve) related to too many years as a competitive gymnast, my back can become painful and stiff. I am glad I know what to do to keep my spine […]

When the S… Hits the Fan… Life can be challenging sometimes

By August 29, 2020Blog

We all have challenges in life. Living through those is the way we grow and become a better person. This year have been challenging to a lot of us and to be honest with you, I can’t wait to be in 2021! Last week has been particularly challenging for me; I have cried a lot. I have lost a client, a dear friend, and an adopted mom. I met Judi […]

Do You Have Pain or Health Condition Related To Your Workplace?

By August 18, 2020Blog

When you spend 40 or more hours a week behind a desk, lift heavy loads or do repetitive tasks, you might end up with work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). It can be: Carpal tunnel syndrome Neck and shoulders pain (get your free neck and shoulder stretches video here) Back pain (get your free back pain release video here) Rotator cuff disorders Bursitis Tendinosis Tennis and golfer elbow (epicondylitis), etc. When you […]

10 Tips To Drink More Water And Lose Weight

By August 14, 2020Blog

It is summer and it usually means hot weather! When we perspire, we release a lot of minerals and water through our pores and they need to be replenished. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t drink enough water. Do you know that it can be dangerous not to drink enough water through your day? Here is a list of what can happen: Blood clot and higher risk of stroke Headaches […]

15 Different Activities to Improve Your Mental Health And Well-Being

By August 7, 2020Blog

Unfortunately, in these uncertain times and with forced isolation, I see more depression in people and even among my clients. You probably heard me saying: “Exercise is your best medicine”.  It is so true! It helps with: Pain and inflammation Weight management Self-esteem and self-image Stress, anxiety and depression Fatigue and energy level Blood sugar level Reducing heart disease risk and cancer Mood and happiness Focus and concentration Sex libido […]

Do You Have Cravings? Your Body is Trying To Tell You Something.

By August 2, 2020Blog

Even if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, you may experience periodic food cravings. The desire to eat a bag of pretzels every night accompanied by a can of pop is not an example of a periodic craving. That is an example of an unhealthy diet choice. What I am talking about is the periodic desire for the taste of certain foods. We all have these cravings. For myself, I […]

Do You Live Your Life To The Fullest? What Are Your Dreams And Goals?

By July 26, 2020Blog

Do you like having your weekends off? I do! At the beginning of my fitness career, I had a six-day work week. A few years ago, I have decided that weekends were MINE. They would be my time to recharge my batteries, but what would I do to keep myself occupied? I think you know that answer already! I like working out in the morning before leaving on a road […]

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