Melanie Morrissette

Personal Trainer, SFL, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Yoga, Pilates, Senior Specialist, Osteoporosis Expert, Cancer Survivor Specialist, and Group Fitness Instructor in Kelowna, BC, Canada

  1. I do not accept guest blog posts.
  2. Media inquiries are welcome. I am available for media interviews, podcasts, and other formats and can speak on a range of topics including
    • Osteoporosis and exercise
    • Cancer Survivor and Exercise
    • How to live with arthritis
    • Muscle and joint pain
    • Strength training
    • Core strength and exercise
    • Posture and alignment
    • How to be fit and stay active past 50
    • And a wide range of other health topics.
  3. I DO NOT NEED and I DO NOT WANT web design, search engine optimization (SEO), or other marketing services. Please DO NOT SEND me any solicitations for your services. If you do send me a solicitation for web design or marketing services, I guarantee you that I will not respond.

Use the form below for a free consultation anytime! I am here to help you get fit, let’s do this!

Specialists I prefer:

Chiropractor: Dr. Rob Mutch, B.A., DC
Okanagan Health and Performance
104-1100 Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna (Click to view map)
250-860-6295 or [email protected]

Physiotherapist: Dr. Corinne Wade (pelvic floor specialist)
Kare Physiotherapy
1682 Willow Crescent, Kelowna (Click to view map)

Naturopath: Dr. Alana Berg
Mission Naturopathic Clinic
3040 Tutt St #104, Kelowna