Do you Have Pain at your Neck and Shoulders?

Do you have pain at your neck and shoulders? I want you to know that you’re not alone because I also have that problem. About 80% of the population will or have pain in their neck and shoulder areas. This pain or discomfort is usually related to repetitive movement from work, sporting activities, or the way we sleep at night.

Do you do most of your work with palms of your hands facing down such as computer work or driving? That palms down position, maintained over long periods of time, is very hard on neck and shoulders. The side of the neck gets tight because the shoulders are elevated (tight upper trapezius and elevator scapula). This position creates an imbalance between the front of the body (tight chest) and the upper back (weak upper back). That imbalance and tightness, often, creates pain.

Have you ever heard about rotator cuffs? They are small muscles at the front and back of your shoulders which stabilize the shoulder joint. Usually, the muscles at the front of the shoulder are stronger than the back muscles because of forward movement. Rotator cuff injury is very common for baseball, golf, swimmers, and tennis players, or as a result of bad work position.

Over 10 years ago, I completed my personal training courses and I also completed a specialization in a program called The Biomechanics Method. I have the training to help people reduce their muscle and joint pain. I can work with clients either in person or online to reduce or eliminate their joint and muscle pain.

What do I do? I start with an assessment to evaluate range of motion at the neck and shoulders. Then, I use tennis balls and Theracane to reduce tension. I may also prescribe different stretching and rehabilitation exercises. I always tell my clients that the pain won’t go away by itself or in just one week of remediation. They need to do homework; regular exercises will make the difference: “Baby Steps for Big Results“. It is best to meet every week to revise exercises and get new ones. Their ultimate goal is, obviously, to be pain free.

To avoid injuries and keep our neck and shoulders happy, for the rest of our live, we all need to do specific exercises for the shoulder girdle. Contact me if you would like to learn more. I can suggest a number of simple exercises, which will reduce your pain and keep your shoulders and neck limber and healthy.

Be happy and pain free!

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