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N’atteignez jamais l’excès, plutôt laissez la modération être votre guide

16 conseils: Comment arrêter de trop manger

Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide

17 fabulously easy tips and tricks to stop mindlessly eating

À chaque décade la capacité de vos poumons diminue de 9-27 %

Source: National Géographique

Each decade your lung capacity drops anywhere from 9-27%

Source: National Geographic

Les buveurs qui consomment modérément vivent 50% plus longtemps que les gens qu’ils ne boivent pas

Source: National Géographique

Moderate drinkers actually outlive nondrinkers by about 50%

Source: National Geographic

Fumer réduit l’absorption de la vitamine C, augmente le risque de cancer et diminue l’espérance de vie de 10 ans

Source: National Géographique Vitamine C par Wikipédia

Les emplois assis derrière un bureau augmentent le risque de morts prématurées

Source: National Géographique Santé : rester assis à votre bureau va vous tuer petit à petit Publié le 15/05/2015 . Mis à jour le 16/05/2015 par

Sitting jobs increase premature death

Source: National Geographic Too much sitting linked to an early death POSTED JANUARY 29, 2014 Stephanie Watson, Executive Editor, Harvard Women’s Health Watch

Smoking reduces vitamin C in your body, increases the risk of cancer and shortest the lifespan of the smokers as much as 10 years

Source: National Geographic Secondhand Smoke (SHS) Facts    

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    I’m moving next month to Calgary and I will miss you and the group of great ladies (Osteofit group).  They all made me feel so welcome. Mel, can you clone yourself and move with me?  I enjoyed all your classes and did feel so much better.  Your spirit and attitude was so positive that it rubbed off on the rest of us. I’m feeling sad but I’m willing to tackle a […]

    - Beth M.,

    Osteofit: Melanie takes her work very seriously and gives to her classes more than 100 per cent. She keeps up with the latest changes and makes sure we have individual attention with regard to our personal health issues. I love our class. We enjoy ourselves as well as work hard to maintain our different fitness levels. Thank you Melanie for your kind and caring ways with your clients.

    - Jodi W.,