Food: Choose Better



Bison or Beef?
Bison: Grass-fed bison is a better option. It has less saturated fat and more omega-3s.

Apples or Pears?
Pears: They provide 50% more fiber than apples.

Almonds or Walnuts?
Almonds: They contain more Omega-3s, fiver, protein, vitamin E, riboflavin, magnesium and phosphorus. Consumption of almonds also helps with inflammation.

Kale or Spinach?
Kale: Contains more immunity-boosting vitamin A, bone-strengthening vitamin K and antioxidant vitamin C. It also helps with vision.

Canned Salmon or Canned Tuna?
Salmon: Is higher in omega-3 fats and vitamin D (eat more in winter!). If you eat the softened bones, you ingest more calcium. Canned salmon also contains less heavy metals, such as mercury, than tuna.

Whole Wheat Bread or Sprouted Bread?
Sprouted bread: Creates a smaller spike in blood sugar. It is also better for the intestines microbially. It also contains more protein and fiber.

Quinoa or Brown Rice?
Quinoa: It is higher in fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and folate. It also contains a full compliment of amino acids and protein which are perfect to repair and build muscles.

Turkey or Chicken Breast?
Turkey breast: Is free of saturated fat. It has also more protein, zinc, iron and selenium.

Pink Grapefruit or Oranges?
Pink grapefruit: Has more Vitamin A and lycopene. It also helps with lowering cholesterol.

Greek Yogurt or Regular Yogurt?
Greek yogurt: Has more protein and contains beneficial bacteria to help your gut. Note that the regular yogurt has more calcium than the Greek one.

Tilapia or Halibut?
Halibut: Contains more omega-3s, niacin, vitamin B12, selenium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Green Pepper or Red Pepper?
Red pepper: They say eat brighter vegetables. Red peppers have way more vitamin C and carotene than the green ones.

Kidney Beans or Black Beans?
Kidney beans: They contain way more fiber and iron than black ones.

Canned Vegetables or Frozen Vegetables?
The frozen ones are a better choice as they don’t contain sodium. They also have more vitamin C, carotene and potassium.


Adapted from Matthew Kadey, MS, RD – a dietitian from Waterloo, Ontario. IDEA Fitness Magazine, February 2015

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