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Les enfants qui utilisent la soie dentaire sur une base régulière vivront 6,4 ans de plus que les autres qui ne l’utilisent pas

Source: National Géographique Quand les enfants doivent-ils commencer à utiliser le fil dentaire ?

Kids with regular flossing habits will live 6.4 years longer than other who don’t floss

Source: National Geographic Channel: When Will You Die Six Ways To Get Your Kids To Brush Their Best June 9, 2016 By Essential Oxygen

Les gens ayant un faible niveau de conscience ont une espérance de vie plus courte parce qu’ils prennent davantage de risques

Source: National Geographic Channel: When Will You Die  

Vivre plus longtemps : 25% dépend de votre génétique, 75% dépend de vous et de votre style de vie

Source: National Géographique Secrets de la longévité saine et active 14 March, 2016  

Les gens gauchers ne vivent pas aussi longtemps que les droitiers

Source: National Géographique Du danger d’être gaucher Le

Low conscientiousness level means shorter life expectancy because people take more risks

Source: National Geographic Channel: When Will You Die 13 Diet and Lifestyle Habits That Can Help You Live a Longer Life Here are 13 things you can do to increase the chances of seeing your 100th birthday. By Alina Petre, MS, RD / Authority Nutrition May 2, 2016

Live longer: 25% depends of your genetics, 75% depends of you and your lifestyle

Source: National Geographic Channel: When Will You Die 7 lessons on anti-ageing from BBC’s How To Stay Young

Left handed people don’t live as long as right handed ones

Source: National Geographic Channel: When Will You Die Read more here: Do left-handed people really die young? By Hannah Barnes BBC News

How to make Kombucha

Follow these steps from Garnette:  

9 Sources of Probiotics to Have a Healthy Gut

Probiotics are important in your diet for good digestive health, increase nutrients absorption and improve your immune system. Here is a list of foods containing probiotics (make your own!): – Organic yogurt with probiotics – Tempeh – Sauerkraut – Kombucha – Kefir – Kimchi – Miso – Rejuvelac – Brined pickles Now, add them to your daily diet. Here are some ideas: Grab a brined pickle as a snack. Add […]

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    I’m moving next month to Calgary and I will miss you and the group of great ladies (Osteofit group).  They all made me feel so welcome. Mel, can you clone yourself and move with me?  I enjoyed all your classes and did feel so much better.  Your spirit and attitude was so positive that it rubbed off on the rest of us. I’m feeling sad but I’m willing to tackle a […]

    - Beth M.,

    Osteofit: Melanie takes her work very seriously and gives to her classes more than 100 per cent. She keeps up with the latest changes and makes sure we have individual attention with regard to our personal health issues. I love our class. We enjoy ourselves as well as work hard to maintain our different fitness levels. Thank you Melanie for your kind and caring ways with your clients.

    - Jodi W.,