10 Reasons To Drink Homemade Chicken Broth

I remember when I was young and sick, my mom was always warming me up and making me feel better with some chicken broth or Lipton soup. Chicken broth has always helped me feel better.

When I cook organic chicken, I always keep the bones to make my homemade chicken broth. It is healthier and tastes better than the powdered version, my mom used to give me! It is better because it is homemade, without preservatives, high amounts of salt, sugar, or artificial coloring. It is so easy to make our own chicken broth. I use it in a lot in my recipes (soups, stews, and sauces) and I love drinking it as a hot beverage! Make your own by following my easy recipe here.

I add apple cider vinegar (with the Mother) during the simmering process of my broth. It increases the extraction of the minerals from the bones, marrow, cartilage and vegetables.
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Read more: The “mother” refers to the combination of yeast and bacteria formed during fermentation of the apple cider vinegar. If you look at an apple cider vinegar bottle, you can see strands of the “mother” floating around.

There are several benefits at drinking and using homemade broth. Here they are:

  • Helps in your recovery from a cold or a flu.
  • Boots immune system and works in an anti-inflammatory way.
  • The collagen found in the broth holds the body together (firmer skin, stronger tendons, bones, muscles, and ligaments).
  • Contains amino-acids (glutamine, arginine, proline, glycine).
  • Aids faster recovery from injury.
  • Improves sleep, memory, and performance.
  • Balances probiotics in the digestive system.
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  • Reduces wrinkles and cellulite.
  • Helps with production of growth hormones and sperm.

If I have a cold or a flu and I am out of my own chicken broth, I like making myself a big batch of Miracle Healing Broth (made of coconut milk) from Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon.
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If you visit a natural food store or a supplement store, you will notice all the new products made of chicken broth. Companies have realized how important collagen is for a faster recovery after a workout. My opinion remains the same, do not buy these products. Instead, make your own broth. The quality will be way better, and you will save money!
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Healing should always come from the inside out. When you eat healthy, you feel good about yourself, and you glow on the outside.

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