Get rid of pain faster by using your own platelets

By June 12, 2015Blog

Rich Plasma (PRP) is a thirty-year-old procedure used by dental surgeons to help patients heal faster. It is a popular procedure among elite athletes. It is now more widely used for patients with tendon, muscle, ligament injuries, and to reduce arthritis/osteoarthritis pain. How PRP works is still a mystery. What we know is platelets are rich in different proteins and hormones that stimulate cell growth and repair them to heal […]

4 reasons to stay away from farmed fish

When I read the label of those fish/”crustace”, a lot of them are from China and India! Stay away from them, as there are: no regulations, a lot of seafood fraud, mislabelling, seafood which is higher in mercury and other toxic metals. Instead, buy from Canada/USA. Buy your fish whole. With the skin still on the fish, you cannot get fished. If there are none available at your favorite grocery […]

4 points to consider when buying your first yoga mat

By June 10, 2015Blog

– How are your knees? If you have bad knees, a thicker one (thickness closer to 1/4 inch)  may help you to start and make your practice more enjoyable. – Where are you going to practice, in the sand or on the grass? These surfaces are easier on the body and a “less thick” mat may be enough. However, if you practice on a hard surface, a thick mat may be more […]

18 artificial sugars to avoid (Dr. Oz’s show)

By June 9, 2015Blog


6 sucres artificiels (édulcolorants artificiels) à éviter

By June 9, 2015Blog

      Restez à l’écart des sucres artificiels parce que:  Vous risquez de gagner du poids. Une nouvelle étude publiée dans la revue ”Appetite” à constaté que la consommation d’édulcolorants artificiels ne vous satisfait pas suffisamment et conduit à manger davantage. Consommés en grande quantité, vous risquez de perdre de la sensibilité dans vos extrémités commes dans vos doigts. Vous êtes plus a risque d’être atteint de cancer. Voici une liste d’édulcorants […]

5 avantages du vinaigre

By June 9, 2015Blog

Les 5 avantages du vinaigre : Il ajoute de la saveur aux vinaigrettes et marinades (cliquez ici pour obtenir ma recette de vinaigrette de vinaigre balsamique) Il possède un niveau élevé d’antioxydants Il a des propriétés antimicrobiennes Il aide à la perte de poids Il améliore la digestion et le taux dans le sang Lire la suite ici

Do you like being outdoor? Are you available to come to these fitness classes? Yoga at the beach or Circuit Training Exercise.

By June 4, 2015Blog

Do you like being outdoor? Are you available to come to these fitness classes? Yoga at the beach or Circuit Training Exercise. Here is the schedule. ***: running classes or let’s get 4 friends together to start the class. MONDAYS: Hatha Yoga at Gyro Beach For all Fitness Levels •Where: Gyro Beach on Pandosy •When: 11 am – 12 pm MONDAYS: Core Yoga at Gyro Beach For all Fitness Levels […]

Partners Exercise

Cardio: Hold and pull (click here) Cardio Partner Exercises (click here)  6 Partner Exercises Ideas (click here)

Les 7 bienfaits du vinaigre de cidre de pomme

By June 3, 2015Blog

  Les bienfaits du vinaigre de cidre de pomme: Tue les bactéries Il est faible en calories (3 cal/c. à soupe) Aide à contrôler le niveau de sugre dans le sang Améliore la digestion: prendre 1 c. à thé avant les repas Aide à perdre du poids Aide à contrôler la pression sanguine Protège contre le cancer Obtenez plus d’informations ici.

Les 8 avantages du vinaigre balsamique et recette de vinaigrette

By June 2, 2015Blog

  Le vinaigre balsamique: Ajoute de la saveur aux repas et aux vinaigrettes. Pour une meilleure qualité et un goût plus riche, choisissez une variété plus foncée. Les vinaigres balsamiques foncés possèdent plus de polyphénols et aident à lutter contre les maladies comme le cancer. Soulage les douleurs musculaires. Très bon décongestionnant. Aide à controller le taux de sucre dans le sang. Permet de lutter contre l’hypertension. Il est un […]

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    Spicy Califlower and Chicken Stew

    Cooktime: 25 minutes
    Serves: 4


    I’m moving next month to Calgary and I will miss you and the group of great ladies (Osteofit group).  They all made me feel so welcome. Mel, can you clone yourself and move with me?  I enjoyed all your classes and did feel so much better.  Your spirit and attitude was so positive that it rubbed off on the rest of us. I’m feeling sad but I’m willing to tackle a […]

    - Beth M.,

    Osteofit: Melanie takes her work very seriously and gives to her classes more than 100 per cent. She keeps up with the latest changes and makes sure we have individual attention with regard to our personal health issues. I love our class. We enjoy ourselves as well as work hard to maintain our different fitness levels. Thank you Melanie for your kind and caring ways with your clients.

    - Jodi W.,