Tips to Save Time to Prepare Weekday Meals

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These are tricks I share with all my clients and participants. Releasing extra pounds starts with healthy homemade meals. Being organized is another one to eat healthy and save time in meal preparation.

First of all, download and print out my meal plan and grocery list worksheet here: Meals Plan and Grocery List.

1- Plan your meals for the week.
– Use a copy of my worksheet and complete a meal plan for each day.
– Plan quick 30-minutes or less prep meals. When we are working, we don’t feel to spend hours in front of the stove.
Example: Monday: salmon, white basmati rice, steamed broccoli and carrots.

2- Prepare your grocery list from your meal plan of the week.
– By buying only what you need for the week, you are saving time and money. Of course you may have to buy fresh produce more often.
– Double check in your fridge and pantry about what you already have and use them before buying again.
Example: salmon, broccoli.

3- Everything is in the preparation.
– When you are preparing your meal, plan your next one for the following day. Do you need to get meat out of the freezer?
– If you have more time during the week or on weekends, cut extra vegetables for healthy snacks or for more meals. Keep them in an airtight container.
– Prepare and cook more for the perfect lunch tomorrow.
– Cook more for a later meal plan such as vegetables to add to another meal like a soup.

4- Keep your meal plan list and reuse it!
– Reuse the same meal plan in 8 weeks! The only thing you have to do is your grocery list.
– Add variety by adding 1 new recipe every week.

5- Use these apps if you want to use your smartphone.
– allrecipes
– raw recipes

Email me if you have any questions.