What do you need to eat to lose weight?


For every meal and snack you need healthy fat and protein. Here are some examples:

– organic turkey or chicken
– wild fatty fish and seafood without preservatives (salmon, trout, blue crab, croaker, flounder) – grass fed beef
– organic eggs
organic dairy and raw cheese
– protein powder 20-25 g of whey protein isolate
– nuts and seeds (pistachios, cashews, macadamias, pumkin seeds)


Healthy Fat:
– extra virgin olive oil (use it cold for dressing. Do not cook with it as it loses its properties)
– ghee
– organic lard and bacon
– coconut oil
– avocado
– organic and raw non salted butter
– homemade bone broth (get the recipe here)
– organic and raw dairy
– macadamia oil
– palm oil
– flaxseed