Are you Happy?

Statistics Canada recently published a study on the relative happiness of Canadians. It found that in 2020 only 40% of those surveyed rated their life satisfaction as an 8 or above (on a 1 – 10 scale). This is down from 72% of those surveyed in 2018. Similarly, 40% of those surveyed rated their life satisfaction at 6 or below compared to only 28% in 2018.

How has your satisfaction with life changed since the beginning of the pandemic?

We all have challenges at some points in our life. When it is difficult, the last thing we want is to participate in a fitness class or hit the gym. Let’s be honest, sometimes it is way easier to stay in bed or sit on the couch to watch TV!

I remember 8 years ago, when the s…. hit the fan and my life changed dramatically! Oh boy! My clients and participants helped me without knowing. I had to be there for them, and I needed to be surrounded by people. My classes and my activities were my salvation.

The Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that with only 15 minutes or longer of physical activity helps people to have higher pleasure-activated feelings than people who are less physically active. 

Moreover, to be happy, it is a choice, but we must work at it. Money and material things do not bring happiness. When I travel to poor countries, I see happy kids playing with a wheelbarrow! First thing in the morning you can choose to be happy or miserable. If you want a book that will be an eye opener, get THE SECRET by Bob Proctor.
– Begin each sentence with, “I am so happy and grateful now that…

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So, if you are depressed, stressed or upset, “Let’s Get Back on Track”. Even an easy exercise program or relaxing yoga session will help you to boost your mood and energy. Call a friend and go for a brisk walk or use your membership to visit your favorite gym for a quick energizing workout.  Trust me, the hardest thing to do is to get out of the house or the office.  If you still don’t have the courage to do it, you may need my help. I can be there for you. Please contact me here.

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