10 Benefits of Yoga and Chair Yoga

Many years ago, I didn’t believe in the benefits of yoga. Yoga was just too slow for me. At the end of my previous relationship, I needed time for myself and went for a yoga retreat. I did not know what to expect since I had never previously practiced yoga! During my first yoga session, I started to cry. The crying was unstoppable. I have asked the teacher what was wrong with me. She said that I was just releasing the hidded emotions that I held inside for too long. After the retreat I felt differently. I said to myself that I would teach yoga and help others. Voilà! With my backpack, I travelled solo to Thailand for 2 months and completed my 200 hours of yoga training.

I tell my story to all my classes because I want people to understand that yoga is about more than just stretching. It can be a life changing experience. Here are some of the other benefits of yoga:

  • Gain flexibility and avoid injuries.
Try: Do a forward fold.
Try: Do a mountain pose.
  • Develop muscle mass and strength.
Try: Do a headstand.
Try: Meditation.
  • Try: From the chair
Try: Hug 1 knee to your chest.
Try: Seated Twist
  • Help to release pain and stiffness related to arthritis.
    • Try: Bring your right leg up and rotate your ankle for 5 rotations and switch direction.

After all my years of practice with more than 2,000 hours of teaching, my body loves yoga. I am always happy to share my knowledge and insights to my clients and make a difference in their lives. If you want to practice with me, have a look at my calendar and join my classes. You can also practice in the comfort of your own house by using my videos here.

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