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    (pay cash, cheque, e-transfer)


More you participate, the less you pay:)

For the first class you register, you pay $11/class.  If you register for a second class, you pay $11/class for the first one + $10/class for the second one.  Then if you register for the 3 classes, you pay $11/class for the first registered class, $10/class for the second and then $9/class for the third one. Participation means savings!


  • 1 class/w: $11
  • 2 classes/w: $10
  • 3 classes/w: $9
  • 4 classes/w: $8
  • OR:
    • 5 classes punch card: $70
    • 10 classes punch card: $130
    • Drop in: 1 class: $15


    • Registration (click here) & payment are mandatory (cash, e-transfer, personal cheque) before starting the class.
    • 5 to 7 registrations minimum to start the class, so bring friends and get a free class if she/he registers for the session!
    • Classes/times are subject to change depending of the attendance and sickness.
    • Join anytime, fees can be prorated.


    • Osteofit/Arthritis Class: Is a BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre certified exercise, education and falls prevention program for individuals with osteoporosis, low bone density or who are at risk of fractures and falls. Exercise is a proven effective treatment option for people with osteoporosis in combination with medication and nutrition.
    • Zumba: Is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.
    • Yoga: We start the practice with a short meditation to connect the body and mind together.  After the pranayama exercise (breathing exercise), we continue with different asanas ( yoga poses).  The practice can be a nice flow or holding asanas for a few breathes.  We finish the practice by resting on our back in savasana.
    • Yogalaties is a mix of Yoga and Pilates where the focus is mostly on core, hamstrings, posture, body alignment and flexibility.Pilates Mat Plus: This class is for people who have done Pilates before and desire to challenge themselves – energy increases, flexibility, dramatically improves, body pain diminished, balance, posture, complete body awareness, better  core stability.
    • Pilates Mat Plus: This class is for people who have done Pilates before and desire to challenge themselves – energy increases, flexibility, body pain diminished, complete body awareness, better  core stability, dramatically improves: balance and posture.
    • Circuit Training Exercise for all Fitness Levels: Circuit training is a class in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then move to the next exercise. The exercise pattern may alternate between an aerobic activity (like skipping) and a muscle-strengthening activity (like using weights or body weight). There are rest times between exercises and exercise sets.
    • 30-Minute HIIT Workout: Cardio and strength intervals (HIIT, Boot Camp style).  All exercise can be adapted and modified following your fitness level or condition.
    • Aquatic class: Improve your cardiovascular capacity, range of motion, flexibility, balance, core, posture and strength by doing different exercise in the pool (3-4 feet deep).  Excellent exercise program for people with Parkinson decease, arthritis, osteoporosis, lose weight or simply to improve your overall well-being.
    • Hike/Snowshoe: let’s meet to hike different trails around Kelowna and Westbank. Every week we will explore a new place. Register to stay tuned:


  • Recipes

    Spicy Califlower and Chicken Stew

    Cooktime: 25 minutes
    Serves: 4


    I’m moving next month to Calgary and I will miss you and the group of great ladies (Osteofit group).  They all made me feel so welcome. Mel, can you clone yourself and move with me?  I enjoyed all your classes and did feel so much better.  Your spirit and attitude was so positive that it rubbed off on the rest of us. I’m feeling sad but I’m willing to tackle a […]

    - Beth M.,

    Osteofit: Melanie takes her work very seriously and gives to her classes more than 100 per cent. She keeps up with the latest changes and makes sure we have individual attention with regard to our personal health issues. I love our class. We enjoy ourselves as well as work hard to maintain our different fitness levels. Thank you Melanie for your kind and caring ways with your clients.

    - Jodi W.,