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  • STRETCH FOR HIPS AND LEGS:  After doing exercise like squats, you need to stretch the muscles of your legs and hips to avoid being too sore and injuring yourself.  Watch that video to guide you (click here)


Physical Benefits:

    • Gives a rest to the heart and circulatory system by inverting the body and keeping it in a straight line.  The heart needs only to pump the blood with enough force for it to reach the feet.  Gravity helps to return the venous blood to the heart.
    • People who practice Sirsasana on a regular basis tend to have slow rates of respiration and heart beat.
    • The brain, spinal cord and sympathetic nervous system are supplied with an increased flow of blood rich in nutrients.
    • All body functions are toned and enhanced.  Disorders of the nerves, eyes, ears, nose and throat are improved.
    • Persons suffering from varicose veins will feel relief as stagnant blood drains from the lower extremities.
    • A good remedy for renal colic, and stubborn constipation.
    • Pressure is relieved on the lower back.
    • The Headstand combats dropped stomach and nervous or hepatic asthma.

Mental Benefits:

    • Memory and intellectual capacity are increased.
    • Improves concentration and sensory faculties (eyesight, hearing).
    • The person who practices the Headstand on a regular basis will rarely suffer from nervous disorders.
    • Self-confidence will improve and empathy often increases too.


  • BENEFITS OF LOCUST (Salabhasana):

DSC04240            DSC04239

    • Improves digestion
    • Delivers fresh blood supply to the thorax & abdominal organs
    • Develops flexibility & strength in the spine
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    Mel, thank you for encouraging me, challenging me and believing in me. Mel, it means a lot to have your support. I appreciate the way you have made me feel, both mentally and physically.  You work hard and deserve to have a very Happy Valentines Day.  From your very happy fitness student and friend.  Curly, Jim (84 years old) xoxoxo

    - Jim,

    Mel, you are an excellent teacher. I love the aquatic class you teach for us at Gallagher’s Canyon.   I love the way you stay out of the water and show us what to do ….. we could see then !!! Each class use a different strengthening tool which was fun.

    - Judy C.,