10 Benefits of a Headstand in Yoga


Physical Benefits:

  • Get stronger core muscles and glutes!!
  • Gives a rest to the heart and circulatory system by inverting the body and keeping it in a straight line.  The heart needs only to pump the blood with enough force for it to reach the feet.  Gravity helps to return the venous blood to the heart.
  • Releases Stress and increases focus.
  • People who practice Sirsasana on a regular basis tend to have slow rates of respiration and heart beat.
  • The brain, spinal cord and sympathetic nervous system are supplied with an increased flow of blood rich in nutrients.
  • All body functions are toned and enhanced.  Disorders of the nerves, eyes, ears, nose and throat are improved.
  • Persons suffering from varicose veins will feel relief as stagnant blood drains from the lower extremities.
  • A good remedy for renal colic, and stubborn constipation.
  • Pressure is relieved on the lower back.
  • The Headstand combats dropped stomach and nervous or hepatic asthma.
  • Strengthen shoulders and arms. It also helps with my neck.  When my shoulder, arms and neck are stronger, I have less pain at my neck.

Mental Benefits:

  • Memory and intellectual capacity are increased.
  • Improves concentration and sensory faculties (eyesight, hearing).
  • The person who practices the Headstand on a regular basis will rarely suffer from nervous disorders.
  • Self-confidence will improve and empathy often increases too.

Read more here:

How to do a headstand (for beginners).  Start the video at 2:15 minutes