14 Tips To Improve Your Sleep

-Exercise 30 minutes per day (brisk walk) or with your personal trainer (book a session now)

– Avoid caffeinated drinks & food (like chocolate) after 3 pm

– Avoid snacks containing sugar, especially in the evening

– Practice yoga (1-2 times per week). Call now to reserve your private sessions

Meditate: Even 2 minutes per day will help you reduce stress and anxiety.  Click here to see the position you should be in to meditate and how to focus on your breathing

– Melatonin. Talk to your Naturopath (click here to see my naturopath) to know how much you should take. A dosage of 3-20 mg tablets may be necessary. Prepare your body for sleep by reducing your exposure to any source of light. Avoid using your computer/cell phone 1 hour prior to bed time

– Drink organic lavendar or chamomille tea. To reduce anxiety, take a 80 mg capsule of lavender

– Use your favorite essential oil extract scent in your bedroom. I like using  lavender or peppermint

– Use your bedroom to rest & sleep! No television, no work please!! Read your favorite novel and relax

– Get a massage from your spouse

– Make love to your spouse! It is exercise and you release hormones that help you to relax and sleep

– Make sure to have a dark room even in the morning

– Be happy!! That is a choice you should make each morning

– Laugh. With age unfortunately we laugh less than in our childhood, so we need to create events to laugh more. Spend time with good friends/relatives, watching a comedy, reading a funny book, or simply join a laughter group.  Bonus: You are going to live healthier and longer

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