40 Ideas for Valentine’s Day to Express your Love to Your Love Ones

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and some people stress about how to impress their partners. I thought Valentine’s Day was about loving someone and not about buying the most impressive gift or reserving a table at the best restaurant in town. So, you can tell I’m not a gift person because that is not my language of love. Have you read that book: 5 Love Languages? Click on the link to do some quizzes to discover your main love language. It was a quick book to read and so revealing to me. Dr. Gary Chapman says that there are 5 love languages:

The book teaches how to receive love from your partner, friends, relatives. It explains the different forms of love and how to appreciate them. It allows you to recognize the main language of love of the person sharing your life, to give them love in return in a language they can understand and appreciate. Dr. Chapman says that by understanding each other’s love patterns, you have a better chance of developing a lasting relationship.

I have a question for you. Do you need Valentine’s Day to express your love? I ask this because for me, it is just like Thanksgiving. I don’t understand why people need a specific day to be thankful. We should be thankful every time we go to bed and wake in the morning. I honestly believe that love should also be expressed every day! We don’t need to roll out the red carpet of love just one day of the year. It should be a simple daily action.

If the main language of love of your partner is gift, try to find something meaningful but if it is not, here is what you can do to express your love for him/her respecting their language of love:

  • Whisper love in his/her ears
  • Give a tender kiss on the chick
  • Don’t be afraid to say I love you instead of I like you
  • Send a sexy text at lunch
  • Prepare his/her favorite meal
  • Choose an activity that he/she loves and be there 100% present
  • Help when he/she needs it even if you are busy
  • Express how beautiful she is and how handsome he is
  • Listen when needed. Leave your phone alone, shut the TV off and just listen without interrupting
  • Introduce him/her to people who are meaningful to you
  • Put your arm around their shoulders
  • Hold hands in public. After 46 years of marriage, my parents are still doing it and it is so beautiful
  • Get the romantic side out of you once in a while
  • Make eye contact
  • Be proud of his/her accomplishment and tell him/her
  • Pay attention to what he/she likes: type of wine, desert and his/her favorite underwear
  • Ask him/her what he/she wants
  • Stop saying that you will do…. just do it! Don’t make promises you cannot keep
  • Express your love without words
  • Prepare a bath with candles and just relax together
  • Watch your favorite show together under your favorite blankie
  • Ask how he/she is doing / how was his/her day and listen!
  • Leave a love note in his/her lunch bag
  • Be there in difficult time. Give support when needed
  • Learn to communicate and forgive. There is nothing more toxic for a relationship then resentment
  • Be spontaneous
  • Bring breakfast to bed
  • Clean the house
  • Discuss your fantasies
  • Take him/her out for real dates but not only on Valentine’s Day or his/her birthday! C’mon people!
  • Plan a road trip
  • Choose him/her over your friends
  • Get a sexy gift
  • Surprise him/her
  • He/she should be your priority
  • Book a couple’s massage
  • Buy ticket to shows or sport games
  • Take care of the kids or send them overnight to grandparents!
  • Initiate sex with tenderness and slow!
  • Be your best self. Be happy, have a positive attitude and clean up after yourself

Now, let’s get the prude side out of you and let’s talk about how you can increase your libido with foods!

  • Prepare a few oysters as an appetizer
  • Make guacamole with fresh avocados as a sauce over roasted vegetables or as a dressing for a salad
  • Add garlic to your favorite dish
  • Add fresh pomegranate over a nice fresh homemade salad
  • Get your chocolate fondue out of the pantry and prepare a nice dessert with fruits (strawberries and watermelon) and chocolate
  • Instead of snacking on pop corn, get the pistachios nuts out
  • There are also herbs and natural supplements you can add such as ashwagandha, maca, ginseng, rhodiola, magnesium, vitamin C and zinc. Consult your healthcare provider and visit your favorite natural food store to get more information.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my favorite readers. Thank you for being in my life, for your support and for your love.