Do You Have Cravings? Your Body is Trying To Tell You Something.

Even if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, you may experience periodic food cravings. The desire to eat a bag of pretzels every night accompanied by a can of pop is not an example of a periodic craving. That is an example of an unhealthy diet choice. What I am talking about is the periodic desire for the taste of certain foods. We all have these cravings. For myself, I often crave salty snacks or dark chocolate, or even both together!

Whatever your body is asking for, there is usually a reason behind it. And by using your cravings as a guide, you can start to uncover how your body is looking to be fed.

When we have these periodic cravings, our body is sending us signals about what we are missing in our diet.

If you are craving:

  • Salty snacks: You are probably dehydrated and lacking in electrolytes. If you perspire a lot when you exercise, you need to replenish your body with electrolytes. I add Himalayan salt to my water to drink before and after a vigorous workout. You can also purchase electrolytes at your favorite natural food store.
  • Chocolate: You probably need magnesium.  When magnesium is low, your mood gets affected as well! Add magnesium supplements to your diet and/or eat bananas and leafy greens.
  • Sweet: When we are under stress, we often look for comfort foods and those can be sugar foods. When hormones are out of control, sweet temptations are higher:( If these cravings occur at night, they indicate you have not eaten enough during the day. Make sure you eat 3 balanced meals and 2-3 healthy snacks per day.
  • Crunchy snacks: You might be stressed and angry about certain situations in your life. Instead of crunching on potato chips, make your own apple chips or kale chips.
  • Caffeine cravings: You are probably dehydrated, tired or, stressed. When you need a cup of Joe to keep you alert, try a few minutes of exercise instead. It can be as simple as walk outside or stretching at your desk. Have a glass of water by your desk at all time, stand and take water breaks every hour.
  • Do you feel like having a good steak on the BBQ? Your body needs iron, B12 or zinc.

There are more reasons why we crave certain foods. Unhealthy gut microbiota means more cravings.  The addition of prebiotics, probiotics, and fermented foods to your diet will help you control your body, your weight, and your cravings.

When you start noticing the wisdom behind your craving, it gets much quieter. Sometimes it goes away entirely.

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