In Difficult Times, Please Give Back

By April 5, 2020Blog

For 2 weeks now, I have started doing ONLINE FITNESS CLASSES. With the money you have donated, I gave it back! $100 to the Food bank in Kelowna. Thank you so much for staying fit with me and of course for your generosity ❤️ In case you want to join our ONLINE FITNESS CLASSES, here is the schedule:). Register now, spots are limited:) – Every Mon. 9 am: Zumba – […]

Be aware that hot yoga raises body temperature and heart rate which can be dangerous for some people

By April 4, 2020Blog

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse have found that when a Hot Yoga class raises the body temperature of an individual to 40C, it can lead to heat stroke. Make sure you drink a lot of water and listen to your body.  I always say in my yoga classes: “Anytime you need a rest, child’s pose or savasana are always available for you”. Try my yoga classes here Read […]

4 Ways to Create your New Desk Job and Burn More Calories!

By March 31, 2020Blog

Create your New Desk Job and Burn More Calories! * Replace the office chair with a stability ball, * Invest in a standing desk and alternate between standing and sitting. If you are feeling more adventurous: * Create a treadmill desk, * Add pedals or elliptical/stepper system under your desk. Why? * Increase your life span by standing more, * Burn more calories, * Improve your digestion, * Decrease your […]

4 Tips to Improve a Foggy Brain

By March 30, 2020Blog

Do you have a foggy brain? Here are some solutions: * Sip on a green tea, * Add green powder such as Moringa to your drinks or smoothies, * Spice your food with curcumin, * Add supplements to your diet such as DHA (fish oil) and vitamin B12. Read more here: How to Avoid Memory Problems 6 tricks to keep your mind sharp and healthy 13 Brain Exercises to Help […]


By March 27, 2020Blog Exercises

WITH THIS DIFFICULT TIME: LET’S KEEP OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, MOOD, AND ENERGY UP!   ZOOM ONLINE FITNESS TRAINING IS NOW ON!!! Register now to get YOUR link and password    Here is the schedule:   – Every Mon. 9 am: Zumba – Every Tu. 9 am: Yoga – Every Wed. 9 am: All Fitness Levels bodyweight or light home equipment HIIT – Every Thur. 9 am: Yoga Core   – […]

Sip on a cup of joe to increase your performance on legs day

By March 7, 2020Blog

10 Best Muscle-Building Leg Exercises by body building 7 Ways to Boost Your Gym Performance by body building      

Stay away from dementia and Alzheimer’s By…

By March 5, 2020Blog

  * Emphasizing on a plant-based diet, * Eating whole foods, * Using olive oil as the primary oil, * Limiting animal products and saturated fat, * Promoting one fish meal a week. Read more here: 4 reasons to learn a new language to stay away from getting Alzheimer’s How to improve your memory  15 Resolutions to Reduce Your Dementia Risk from the Alzheimer’s Society

Do you have a desk job? Here are 3 tips to avoid crashing

By February 28, 2020Blog

Take a stand. The less overall activity you do, the less energy is required to keep you functioning, because you are not using your active tissue. Desk job = fat-burning enzymes which start switching off when you are inactive for too long and they can plummet 50% or more after a full day of not standing. Every 30 minutes, stand and stretch. Click on the link below to get your […]

90% of runners say that they rarely get sick

By February 14, 2020Blog

Why? Because exercise boosts your immune system Read more here: From ACE Fitness: Can Exercise Reduce Your Risk of Catching a Cold? From BBC News: Exercise ‘can prevent a cold’, a study shows