21 Days Challenge for a Better You!

Are you feeling down, unhappy, depressed, stressed, out of gas, and overweight? I have created an easy and fun 21 days challenge to boost you up and raise your self esteem! Get a notebook and start journaling the positive benefits within you.

At the end of each day, write down 3 gratitudes and you can elaborate for every of them.

  • Day 1: One Day without sugar! Instead, eat fruit, a handful of nuts or veggies with hummus.
  • Day 2: Compliment a stranger.
  • Day 3: Add a least 1 fruit or vegetable to every meal.
  • Day 4: One day without gluten (white flour products found in bread and pastry) and milk products.
  • Day 5: Find a Tap Release Emotion video.
  • Day 6: Go to bed earlier all week. Write down how you are feeling.
  • Day 7: Do a 10-30 minute cardio workout. Walk outside at lunch time or use one of my cardio workout videos.
  • Day 8: Try different random acts of kindness every day of the week.
  • Day 9: 10 minutes meditation.
  • Day 10: Complete a food diary for 1 day or from Friday to Sunday evening. Check if there is something you can do better.
  • Day 11: Do 20-minute yoga. Yoga or chair yoga.
  • Day 12: Ask “How are you?” to 3 people today and listen to their answers.
  • Day 13: Do a 20-minute strength training: Use cans or bottles of wine / use light weights.
  • Day 14: Call an old friend or relative to catch up.
  • Day 15: Set up a timer to move/stretch every hour for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Day 16: Clean up your closet. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore. Bring them to a charity such as the Salvation Army.
  • Day 17: Save the planet: write down everything you throw to the trash. Ask yourself if you can recycle more and take them to the Recycle Depot.
  • Day 18: Drink more water throughout your day. Have water on your desk at all time. Set up a timer to remind you to drink. Here is the quantity you should drink.
  • Day 19: Avoid phone/laptop screens for 30 minutes before bed time.
  • Day 20: Try one day or one weekend (Friday to Sunday) without alcohol. Replace alcohol with plain sparkling water with a splash of lime or drink more tea.
  • Day 21: Unplug wifi for the night. 10 Facts About the Health Dangers of WiFi. Keep the Christmas lights timer out all year and use it for the wifi. Just program it to have no wifi when you sleep.

Congratulations! You have just completed the 21 days challenge for a new you. How are you feeling? What have you learned? Have you noticed any changes in your mood, energy level, happiness, well-being, confidence, etc?

I hope you have enjoyed these little tasks. Share this post with others and your experience with me here.