5 Reasons to Use the Foam Roller on Tight Muscles

Are you feeling tight at your legs, neck and back?  To help to release muscle tension and pain, it is always a good idea to use therapy balls, foam roller and massage gun.  I try to do it as often as possible.  It is usually my relaxation before bed. Sometimes, I use the foam roller in my classes to teach my clients how to use theirs at home.

I have helped several clients get rid of their pain related to muscle imbalance. Read the testimonial of Barry (78 years old) here. Get more information under My Services.

Have you ever heard about your IT band?  Some people are still rolling their IT band using the foam roller. IT band is a connective tissue (fascia) holding the muscles together. It has to be tight to keep your knees stable and aligned.

Usually, muscles around the IT band are the problem: hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and inner thighs (TFL and vastus lateralis). So if you want to use your foam roller, do it on the muscles each side of your IT band.

Tension can also start from the sole of your feet and travel all the way up to your neck!  Think about it, we walk on our feet. When clients want me to help them with pain, that is the first thing I will check: the way they walk, if their arches collapse and the kind of shoes they wear. If arches are collapsing, I need to release tension under their feet using a tennis or golf ball, teach them how to press their big toes on the floor to elevate their arches and suggest to them to get orthotics (visit my favorite place in Kelowna to get yours: Orthoquest Kelowna Kinesiology).

Make sure to strengthen your core (click on the link here to get access to your free ab and core workout video) and glutes maximus (butt) and outer thighs, especially the gluteus medius.  The weaker the gluteus medius is, tighter is your IT band.

If you are still struggling with muscle tension and pain, a good massage can help you.  My massage therapist is still taking new clients. Send me an email here to get her contact information.

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