Do You Have Pain or Health Condition Related To Your Workplace?

When you spend 40 or more hours a week behind a desk, lift heavy loads or do repetitive tasks, you might end up with work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). It can be:

When you are in pain, it affects your training sessions at the gym or at home and quality of life.

In 2013, 16.0% of Canadians aged 15 to 74, roughly 4.2 million people, sustained injuries in the past 12 months that limited their normal activities.

In 2016, The Canadian Orthopedic Care Strategy Group has estimated that WMSDs are “the most costly medical condition in Canada: $22 billion”.

It is also costly, not only to Canadians but also to companies. When I was in Quebec (QC), I had a chance to work as an Occupational Hygiene Technician for the QC government. I had to evaluate different workplaces for possible worker health risks and ergonomics was one of them. I loved my job! So I have experience in that field to evaluate and adjust your workplace to make it safer and better ergonomically.

Modifying your workplace can be easy for you and inexpensive to your employer. It can be:

  • Adjusting the height on your computer screen
  • Buying a sitting/standing desk
  • Investing in ergonomics tools such as mouse, chair, keyboard
  • Providing telephone headsets, etc.

Indeed, because of my fitness background, I can now help you reducing and eliminating your work related pain with different stretching and strengthening exercises.

I also offer exercise and fitness services for corporations and their workers (yoga, yoga stretch, strength training, HIIT and more). Your next step is to convince your employer! It is a direct financial benefit because workers are more efficient and productive. There are fewer injuries and less absenteeism, fewer workers’ compensation claims and longer careers. Please contact me for a consultation.

I would be happy to conduct training seminars to your workplace (just like I did in QC) to help workers to reduce their WMSDs.

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    - Francisca, from the Netherlands.,

    Mel, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy your Online Friday chair yoga classes. It is so nice to see your smiling face and dedication teaching us. I hope that one day soon we will be able to return to the center to meet up again with all our friends.  Stay well and please keep your nice smile.  

    - Irmgard,