4 Tips to Get Your Brain To Switch Off Food Cravings


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– Tell yourself later. By postponing the urge craving, you are not likely to eat it now.
– Do something else. If you are watching tv and you are craving for something, move! Go for a walk or do another activity such as cleaning or organizing your place.
– Eat enough during your day. People who are on a severe diet and eating the minimum of calories have more cravings than people who don’t follow a diet. Make sure you eat a good and balanced breakfast to start your day. A lot of my clients skip that meal while it is the most important one to start your day. Follow with a snack, lunch, snack, dinner and another snack. Have lean protein at each meal and use those snacks to complete what you need in your diet.
– Skip sweet treats including coffee. Sugar means crashing later and hankering for more, so eat less of it. – Switch dessert for a fruit or Sweetriot cacao nibs. You are still finishing your meal with a sweet but with less sugar and calories.

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