Do you have a desk job? Here are 3 tips to avoid crashing

Take a stand. The less overall activity you do, the less energy is required to keep you functioning, because you are not using your active tissue. Desk job = fat-burning enzymes which start switching off when you are inactive for too long and they can plummet 50% or more after a full day of not standing. Every 30 minutes, stand and stretch. Click on the link below to get your free stretch program.

Walk it off. Feeling the mid-afternoon slump? Movement creates energy, so at your lunch time, go for a brisk walk and at your break go for another 10 minute walk. Take your Ipod/phone and listen to your favorite playlist or take a co-worker along with you. These walks can increase energy for over 2 hours and you will get serotonin and dopamine, which increase alertness.

Get the right mix. The fastest way to have sustainable energy without a crash is via a snack that includes carbs, protein and a little fat (yogurt with a handful of nuts or take your homemade smoothie). Get smoothie recipes here. Complex carbs sustain blood sugar levels, protein keeps your energy up for several hours and fats give you an immediate boost.

Because a lot of my clients spend a lot of time behind a desk, I realize that their hips (periformis), hamstrings and hip flexors are very tight and some of them develop problems with hips and sciatica nerve problems.

Do you need more than walks? Join our classes of Boot Camp, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, or come for a hike with us on a weekend for free and meet people. Get our fitness schedule here.


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