What is Your New Year’s Resolution 2021? 21 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier and Happier You

The New Year is around the corner. I will be extremely busy from January to the end of March and then steady for the rest of the year! It is great to have goals but why wait for the New Year to set them?

Did you know that only 25% of people stick with their New Year’s resolutions after 30 days and only 8% accomplish them. Why don’t people accomplish their goals? To achieve them, the goals must be realistic, attainable, and S.M.A.R.T (click here to get the goal setting printable PDF).

I don’t set hard and fast New Year’s resolutions. I just go with the flow and set them along the way; depending on what is going on in my life and business. I don’t have goals like having a 6 pack because I still enjoy wine occasionally, poutine once a year, and potato chips in moderation. Instead, I have resolved to be the best I can be. I have chosen to eat healthy and exercise daily.

A lot of my clients want to lose weight. Great! If you have the same goal, what sacrifices are you ready to make to accomplish it? For successful weight loss 80% is related to your diet, 10% is related to your physical activities and 10% is genetic (there is nothing you can do about that).

If you want to be leaner and firmer, you need to reduce your portion size and modify what and the way you eat, because weight loss won’t happen by itself. That is a decision you should make not just for one month or one year, but the long haul. Do you still want to keep reading?!!

If you want to lose weight, ask the following questions, and carefully consider your honest answers.

What are your favorite drinks and foods? Which ones are you ready, right now, to reduce or give up altogether? We also need to clean your pantry and fridge of junk and processed foods (cereals, chocolate, potato chips, etc.) and replace them with a variety of nuts, vegetables, lean meats, and oatmeal. Some of you need to learn how to organize meal plans and a grocery list. While others have to learn how to cook healthy and quick meals using fresh ingredients. (Get the printable PDF tools by clicking on the blue links).

If you can change your diet and eating patterns you are 80% on the road to weight reduction.

Are you willing to add exercise to your daily routine?

A daily exercise program does not mean you have to visit a gym. You can simply start by doing some cardio exercises: walk outside or use one of my cardio videos for 10-20 minutes on most days. With your daily exercise program, you will need to develop muscles mass. Muscles are responsible for burning fat. After 30 years of age, we start losing 5% of muscles mass every decade. That is one of the reasons why people gain weight! I have some muscle building exercises you can do using your own bodyweight and with basic equipment such as cans of tomatoes, bottles of water, cushions, or set of weights, and elastics.

It usually takes 21 days to set a new habit and stick with it. That’s why you see a lot of 21 days fitness (click here to get my 30 days), yoga and meditation challenges. Get the 21 days meditation to attract abundance with Deepak Chopra here).

Are you in for the progressive change? I have created a free 21 days challenge to help you achieve your goals, modify your eating habits to feel more energized, have a fulfiller, happier life. The challenge will focus on wellness, eating habits, fitness, social aspect, and more. They are easy tasks that everyone can accomplish to increase productivity, well-being and confidence. Grab a note book and start journaling the positive effects on your health and life.

You can start anytime you want but quicker you start, the faster you will see your results. Do not procrastinate, Click here to get started.

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I want to wish you all the best for 2021. May this year bless you with health, peace, and happiness. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!