Linda S

What a great instructor and an excellent Sculpt & Core class.  Like to see more of Melanie at this class.  She’s a keeper!!

Nancy. R

Just had Melanie for Sculpt & Core.  Love Lise but Melanie had a new and different approach that worked us just has hard.  Would be great to see her on a regular basis.

Christmas Spirit

Melanie, thank you so much for working with me this past year. I feel more of it and your classes have been a lot of fun.  Have a wonderful Christmas time.

John M

Melanie has been a great help for my wife and I.  She has designed very specific fitness programs for us. Mine was more difficult to develop.  I have a damage back, knees, and ankle.  Melanie has developed a unique program that compliments the therapy I am receiving from my chiropractor.  Over the past year, she has twice contacted my doctor, to ensure that the programs developed not only compliments but enhances my rehabilitation.  Her programs have dramatically increased my range of movement and my strength.  Chronic pain has also been reduced.   Melanie has not only developed very good fitness programs fro us, she has been an excellent coach as well.  She regularly monitors our progress, offers constructive criticism, and most of all offers enthusiastic support.  She is one of the main reasons I keep coming back, even though the two hour workout often involves considerable discomfort.

Kiran V

Melanie is wonderful.  She dances very softly it doesn’t look like she is actually teaching.  She should take more classes here.

Cory C (general manager)

Great feedback Mel!  You are such a great instructor. I feel lucky to have you apart of our team.  Keep up the great work and keep those ladies dancing at Zumba

Karyn S

It was very nice to enjoy a small class of 5.  Mel is so great at walking around and correcting or ensuring form is working.  Many options.  Thanks Mel.

Heather K

I am over fifty-five and particularly appreciate the classes instructed by Melanie who is our favorite for many of us.  This older adults class under Melanie’s direction has been superb.  She knows our names, makes exercise fun, makes a point of assisting us individually when needed and provides us with a varied and upbeat exercise class.  She knows her clients, their abilities and makes sure that we work on agility and balance.  Melanie has developed a relationship with those of us in her class and relationships have also developed amongst  those of us who attend.  We support each other as ”fitness friends”.  Melanie’s classes are always very well attended.

Judy P

I recommend the Y for their programs to keep seniors healthy and active;  especially Melanie for her Zumba Gold.  She recognizes that we are seniors and adjusts the dance and moves for us to avoid injuries. She gives such a good workout!  I am a nurse, I know about the injuries but I do not know adaptations which I have learned from her.

Laurie S

I have been a member of H2O for a year or so and I want to just thank Melanie for her personal assistance, great attitude and certainly, how her work reflects so well on the staff at H2O.  She is extremely dedicated and I have found that in her capacity as trainer, she has certainly helped me get the most out of my fitness program.  I had asked for assistance on several occasions, however, until I asked Mel for some suggestions with my program, I was very much on my own. I am a regular and certainly appreciate her assistance.  With my shoulder injury  a year ago, and lots of age, it is so helpful when a qualified person actually wants to help us.  I just want to say, Thanks Melanie, really appreciate your smile and assistance with my program.