I have enjoyed both classes today Mel. You are such a great trainer and a wonderful person. I am so glad I have met you.

Brenda H.

What I really wanted to say to you is to thank you for my classes as they have helped me tremendously in my PRC classes! You may not be coming to my home any more for me, but you are always with me during my classes!! I hear your voice when I’m doing certain stretches or I push myself a little more knowing that’s what you’d want me to do!!

I feel really good coming home from those classes and I know I’d find them to be challenging if I hadn’t had your training first!

So thank you my friend!!


Mel is a great instructor who knows her stuff and is very patient with explaining.


Mel is a great instructor. She gives us modifications so that all degrees of abilities can accomplish the exercises.

Carol S.

She is a great motivator and full of encouragement.


I can feel my body failing me/rebelling when I don’t take the time  practicing yoga and stretching.  You do a fantastic job. I can get frustrated with myself very quickly and I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.


Keep up the great teaching and enthusiasm for what you do!


We want more classes!  Love yoga with Melanie!


I wouldn’t change a thing!  Melanie is my all-time favorite yoga instructor, so encouraging and inspiring.

October 2014

Yoga stretches and strengthens my muscles and challenges me just right.  It’s great to have modifications or variations to choose from.

October 2014

Thanks for a very enjoyable yoga class! My first at PRC – It has been wonderful.


The world needs more people like you. The world needs more people as thoughtful as you, for joy is a part of each nice thing you do… Mel, the kindness you share brightens so many days – Thank you for all of your wonderful ways.