10 Tips To Drink More Water And Lose Weight

It is summer and it usually means hot weather! When we perspire, we release a lot of minerals and water through our pores and they need to be replenished. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t drink enough water. Do you know that it can be dangerous not to drink enough water through your day? Here is a list of what can happen:

  • Blood clot and higher risk of stroke
  • Headaches
  • Dry skin
  • Fatigue and foggy brain
  • Dry mouth and throat
  • Slower metabolism and weight gain
  • Affects mood
  • You won’t pee as often and if you do, it will be very dark yellow
  • Overheating

For myself, the best indicators for being dehydrated are when I’m thirsty and I don’t pee as often as usual. I usually drink a lot of water through my day and I would like to share some of my tricks to stay hydrated.

  • Have a glass or bottle of water by your desk or with you at all times.
  • Set up an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink water every hour or use my printable MEAL PLANNER. Stand up and drink a glass of water. I know, when we are busy working it is the last thing we think about!
  • If you go to the gym, drink a lot of water before and after. I also drink a lot when I’m working out but I know this is not for everybody.
  • Add flavor to your water. I prefer natural products such as slices of cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, mint or ginger root. I don’t put any kind of powder to my water. They can contain sugar or artificial flavors and increase risk of cancer.
  • Brew tea the night before and remove the tea bags. Drink it the next day with ice cubes.
  • Bring snacks to work that contain a lot of water such as watermelon, zucchinis, cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Instead of adding milk or yogurt to your smoothies, add water.
  • I love my Kombucha (if you are local, I can give you some scoby)! It keeps my gut microbiota happy and it is made of cold brew tea and of course water!
  • A lot of you have that machine to make your own sparkling water. Fantastic! Squeeze lemons or limes to it.
  • Keep a jar of filtered water in your fridge. I love my SantéVia one. When you need to fill up your smaller bottles, you are set.

Another huge reason to drink water: EAT LESS and LOSE WEIGHT! Drinking a glass of water one hour before each meal will help you eat 85 fewer calories. Yohoo!

To avoid night cramps related to dehydration, make sure you replenish your electrolytes. Add salt to your water or your meals such as Himalaya pink salt. Eat nuts or pop corn… without butter! I pop mine using coconut oil. It is sooo yummy.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Stay safe, hydrated, and healthy.

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