What can 10 pounds overweight do to our bodies?

Being overweight, even just 10 pounds, can be harder on joints.  If someone is 50 pounds overweight, it represents 75 pounds more on their knees! That’s why we see way more hip and knee replacements.  Having a few pounds more around the waist increases our chance of developing osteoarthritis in joints (hips/knees) and can cause pain because of the wear and tear of cartilage. Indeed, it can create inflammation in other joints such as our hands. 

It has been proven that losing  just 10 pounds makes it easier for knee and hip joints and reduces the risk of osteoarthritis. Perhaps, if the weight loss is significant and too quick, it can increase risk of fracturing our hips in case of fall.  That’s why weight training as we age is important to develop the muscle mass we have lost since the age of 30 to protect our bones.  The more muscles there are around our bones, the more they are protected.  

As we age, our balance is deteriorating. Did you know one out of three people over the age of 60 experiences a fall each year? Unfortunately, 10% of those require medical care. Hip fractures are a major cause of disability and premature death in seniors.

To shred extra pounds and reduce pain, healthy diet and exercise are your best medicine.  Join a fitness class and meet new people!  Here is a list of classes I suggest to you:

For obese people, I always suggest them to start with pool exercise (Aquafit).  It is way easier on their joints because of the buoyancy. 

Are you wondering when and where I teach?  Here is my schedule. My classes are coming back slowly and you can have a look at my regular schedule.

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