How to do Warrior 1 in Yoga (yoga pose or yoga asana)


• Start with the right leg in front in a high lunge (feet 3 ½ to 4 feet apart) with the right foot pointed forward (12’o clock).
• The left foot is pointed toward 11 o’clock to be able to keep your hips square and facing forward with heel in contact with the earth (with your mat).
• Inhale and on the exhale, start to bend the right knee and align it with the ankle.
• Start to fix a point in front of you and continue to breathe deeply.
• When you feel in control of yourself, bring your hands in front of your heart (yoga for beginners) or bring your arms above your head, each side of your ears with palms facing each other. Keep focusing on your deep breaths (more advance pose).
• Feel grounded with the earth with both feet and draw your inner thighs together.
• For a more advance yoga asana (pose), interlace your fingers together except the index and thumb, slightly arch your back and look slightly up at the sky.
• Hold the yoga asana for a few breaths (30 seconds to 1 minute).

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