Each new year always seems to come with resolutions; just make sure they are realistic. Instead of following a new strict diet that will have you run the risk of failure after 1 or 2 months, start by changing your way of eating. It has to be a lifestyle choice that you are going change one step at a time. We are not built to suffer. You can eat what you want with moderation, once per week, while monitoring your portions.

Small meals 6 times a day are better than a three big ones. (Read this article). If you want to lose weight, whole foods and healthy choices should be your priority because 80% of our success is related to what we eat.

If you say that you are planning to hit the gym 5 times a week, this is an ambitious goal. You risk a participation drop after a few weeks. You have a better chance to stick with  your goals if you get a training program designed specifically for you to help you to reach your goals (contact me to get yours). That way you are going to know what you are doing and have realistic expectations. Go to the gym 2 times a week to create the habit and join classes. Then increase your program gradually. But most of all have fun! (Read that article to help you to get started).