Spring is Here! 13 Tips to Spring-Clean Your Life

Spring is already here. The sun is shining, buds in trees are starting to open and flies are getting out of their nests! For my grandmas, spring meant cleaning the entire house: walls, cabinets, etc.

For me, spring is an opportunity to create, to change and to improve my own self and life.
Here are a few tips to spring-clean your life.

  • Declutter.
    • We all have too much. Twice a year, I like going through my closet and getting rid of clothes that I’m tired of or don’t fit me well. Help others by giving your clothes to a non-profit organization. Cut up your old cotton t-shirts to make them into rags.
    • Are your kitchen cabinets full? Go through them, one by one. Sell what has a value, give away what doesn’t.
    • Clean up the inside of your car, including windows!
    • Read more here: How to Declutter Your Home: 10 Creative Decluttering Tips by Becoming Minimalist
  • When is the last time you washed your bed pillows? Did you know that your pillows can contain a mix of bugs, dead skin, and dust mites and their droppings? It is important that you take care of your pillows as much as the sheets on your bed. It is recommended to wash your pillows every 6 months.
    • To know how to wash your pillow, click on the link here.
  • Did you set up new goals at the beginning of the year? If yes, revise them and create new ones.
  • Clean up your diet and add vegetables. You don’t need to wait for the New Year to eat better. Spring is also a great time to do so.
    • Eliminate refined sugar, pastries, processed-food and alcohol.
    • Add vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, beans, legumes and lentils to your diet.
    • Keep it simple. You don’t need to cook for over 1 hour to create a gorgeous and nutritious meal. Prepare: chicken breast with roasted vegetables or a steak with sweet potatoes and sautéed vegetables.
  • Set yourself a budget. How are your finances? Because of Covid, unfortunately some people have struggled. Now that you are back to your almost normal life, it is time to address your finances. Do you work to pay your bills or do you work to live? I work to live. I have a budget and stick with it. I always have goals and when I put money aside, it is usually to travel.
  • Do you like what you do for a living? It is important to do what you love to eliminate stress and sickness. I remember when I was working at the smelter in Quebec as a chemist, in my 6th year, I started to get too sick to go to work. I was tired of working on shift work and not having any life. My body told me that it had enough. Since I left the chemistry world to join the world of fitness, I have realized that it doesn’t feel like work to me. I love what I do. Teaching fitness is a passion and I love helping others to feel good about themselves.
    • If you are retired, do you love your life? Even retired, you can still enjoy your life, visit friends, volunteer some hours, etc.
    • The older I get, the more I realize how life is too short to be miserable.
  • Eliminate stress. If work, something or someone is causing you stress, get it/him/her out of your life. There is always a way. You just need to find it. You can also talk to a counsellor to help you with your decisions.
  • Get rid of toxic friends. Friendship is important for a healthy lifestyle. But toxic friends are unnecessary. Trust me, you deserve better and you are worthy. You need friends who respect you, love you and do not judge you. Reconnect with old friends whom you haven’t heard from for too long; go for a walk and have coffee together.
  • Get back on track with your exercise routine. Now that it is nicer outside, get off the couch and try to enjoy the outdoor as much as possible. Being active will help you to have more energy, reduce pain and stiffness and reduce your risk of health issues.
  • Dust the bicycle. It is the perfect time of year to ride your bicycle. Get it tuned up and start riding. Start slowly, a few kilometers at a time, and increase your distance progressively. It takes about 5 rides to stop having a sore butt. Hang in there!
  • Rediscover your talents. We are all gifted. Find yours and show if off!
  • Are you happy with your life? Do what makes you happy. Just live your life. Whatever you do, there will always be someone that will judge you. And so what?! Jealousy creates a lot of unhappy people. Don’t be one of them. Just try to be a better ‘you’ every day.
  • Create a life plan. Where do you see yourself in 2, 5 and 10 years from now? Reflect on it and write it down in your journal.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to clean and change what doesn’t work in your life. It is also the perfect time to stop, slow down and reflect on what you really want for the rest of the year and your life. Roll up your sleeves and just get at it. Your life can be amazing and beautiful. Choose what is best for YOU because YOU DESERVE IT.