5 Ways To Become A Tourist In Your Own Town

Lately, my boyfriend, Chad, Riley the dog and I have been driving around the Okanagan exploring our backyard. We love camping in our 19-foot-long trailer, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and discovering waterfalls. Last weekend, we drove on forestry roads to discover different campgrounds we would like to go back with the camping trailer. Well, we were extremely impressed with what we found just a short from home. Because of the elevation, it was much cooler, but there were too many mosquitos, which did not excite me. However, in summer months, it might be the perfect escape for us. We like a quiet environment and places where we can disconnect from our busy routine from home.

I invite you to do the same. You don’t even need a car! Here are different ways for you to explore your own town.

  • Play geocaching! What you need is a smartphone, download the app, a pen, and look for some caches. It is fun for everybody, even the kids and it is played around the globe! Bring a little object to leave in the cache and take one with you. Read more here:
  • Try new cideries, restaurants, wineries, and little shops. Walk the streets in downtown area or other areas you have never been before. You might be surprised of what you can find. Share your feedback with your friends, coworkers and relatives. With Covid, a lot of businesses have suffered. The best way to help them is to: write reviews, and refer them to friends. Write me a review here:
  • Book a staycation! Sleeping somewhere else looks like a mini holiday. Look for local deals such as the Sparkling Hill Hotel and Spa in Vernon.
  • Get a copy of the Tourist Guide of your town and book tours. Go through it, visit some attractions and book tours. Next time you have company, you will know where to bring them.
  • Go to outdoor shows, music entertainments, and sport events. Visit your local news under the event section to know more.

Chad, Riley and I are so excited to leave town again to enjoy the outdoors. Stay safe and make sure you drive the proper vehicle to explore your own backyard.

Sometimes, he gets tired too!!

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