10 Reasons to Get a Dog in Your Life

I must admit, I have never been a dog person until Riley came to my life. I grew up with bunnies and when my favorite one passed away, I was devastated and I didn’t want any more pets in my life. Obviously, I was heart broken and wanted to protect myself from hurting again. I have realized that I do the same thing with people. When my ex left me for my best girlfriend, I pushed every man away because of my fears! Does that sound familiar to you?

I bring Riley to a lot of my classes, seniors, disabled, yoga, Pilates, and you can even see him in a lot of my workout videos. My clients and class participants love him. If I don’t have Riley with me, trust me, they ask where he is!

Why did I fell in love with him? Probably because my heart was ready to open again  and I am now willing accept risk and to be vulnerable, with men too!

Riley is not my dog! He belongs to my boyfriend’s. We have adopted each other. Riley has been deaf for 5 years now; it is very common for King Charles Cavaliers and we use sign language to communicate with him. I have trained him to walk by my side with a shorter leash. He sits or lays down when we ask him. He is a very intelligent dog and he can feel people’s emotions. He follows us every where we go: hiking, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, camping, driving; yes, he is our baby!

I got attached to him because of his calm behavior and his way with people. Riley is adventurous and a people person just like I am. He is a happy and content dog. He has brought light and happiness to my life. When he is not around me, I miss him.

As you know, dog can be your best friend. He is always there for you no matter what, protects you, and shares his affection to you. It is the perfect companion if you live on your own.

A dog, keeps you on your feet. He needs exercise just like you do. A dog encourages you to go outside for a walk and bend over to pick up his poo!

When dogs suddenly pull, you need to brace yourself to stay on your feet, so you are working your core and balance.

Dogs can be therapeutic especially for people who are feeling lonely, dealing with depression or illnesses.

Dogs depend on you for the rest of their lives. Just like babies, they need to be fed and walked. You need to forget your selfishness and take responsibilities.

Dogs can help you meet someone awesome. Humans need to socialize and dogs need to meet other puppies too. Who knows, you can maybe meet your match right at the dog park!

Dogs act like a vacuum! They are just waiting for you to drop food on the floor to pick it up!
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They are always happy to see you. Dogs are easier to deal with then humans! They always have the same mood and happy to see you coming back in the door.

Dogs reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. Pet your dog as much as it needs it. It reduces your stress and lowers blood pressure.

Your canine friend can save your life by detecting epileptic seizures and even cancer cells in human bodies.

I am sure that if your kids would read my blog, they would convince you to get a dog! If you are not ready for the commitment, I totally get it. It is a lot of work and I am happy to help Chad to take care of Riley and we also have one of my clients who dog sits him when we are too busy. Lynda lost her dog at the beginning of the year and Riley bonded with her easily.

Not ready for the fulltime commitment, you can volunteer at your local SPCA or dog shelter. They are always happy to receive help to walk dogs.

Now, is it easier to buy a puppy or to rescue a dog? That is a difficult decision. If you are working from home or retired, get a puppy and you can get it trained for better behavior. If you are working full time, a puppy will be harder to manage. On the other hand, a rescue dog might have behavior or fear problems and need to be trained by a professional.
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Dog are not cheap these days. Make sure you do your homework. Do not buy a dog from Kijiji. Some have been stolen from previous owners or they come from other countries with false paperwork.
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Be vigilant and have fun with your new companion.