Lose Weight By Using Your Thoughts


Having the right attitude and believing in yourself always helps to accomplish your goals and losing weight is no different.

“In a recent survey of more than 1,000 women, 9 out of 10 of those who thought positively about the health benefits of dieting and their bodies’ accomplishments either lost or maintained their weight over the past year, compared with only 5 out 10 of those who took a negative approach.” When you think poorly about yourself and attach negative words to your appearance such as “fat”, you feel more distressed and these feelings of distress are what can lead to emotional eating.

Another survey has revealed that when women talk about their goals of weight-loss program with their friends, relatives and even on Twitter, they accomplish them successfully because they have followers who want to know if they have succeeded or not. Just by saying “I’m hitting the gym!” the social networking may provide both support and a level of accountability.

What are your thoughts about yourself? Love yourself. Learn Self-Love with “5 Tricks for Treating Yourself More Kindly” (http://www.drchristinahibbert.com/5-tricks-for-treating-yourself-more-kindly-increasing-self-love/) by Dr. Hibbert.

– Take care of your physical body
– Ask “is this the loving decision for me?”
– Acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses
– Speak kindly to yourself
– Let down your walls and let the love in.

Source: Shape Magazine