Is it true we are prone to weight-gain by skipping breakfast?


Yes, it is which alarming since 30% of people skip breakfast at least once a week!

Breakfast should be your most important meal of the day. In fact, you should have it within the first 30 minutes to 1 hour after you put your first foot on the floor. If not, you put your body in starvation mode which causes it to retain its fat stores in case it is not going to be fed for the rest of the day. By skipping breakfast, you are also more at risk of snacking on bad foods later on during the day.

The number one excuse I get for skipping breakfast is “I’m not hungry”. Well, by eating a little something first thing in the morning, hunger will eventually come. If you have been skipping breakfast, you will need to “train” your body to be hungry. Start simple with fruit and yogurt and then progress eventually with more complex foods.

If you like working out first thing in the morning, start with a piece of fruit then eat something further immediately following your training session. Eat again in 30 minutes because if you don’t, your body will get the nutrients it needs from your muscles. If this happens, you will see no muscle gains from that day’s training. Fueling your body is simple once you are used to it. Start by carrying something easy in your bag like a yogurt while eating more complete meals and snacks at home.