3 easy steps to decompress of your stressed day and meditate


Maui, Feb. 2014

Maui, Feb. 2014

Working, raising children, spending time with relatives/friends and exercising can make you feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day. I ask my clients: “Do you take time to breathe?”  You’d be surprised to hear some of the answers! So, I like meditate with them prior to exercise as they rush to come to their personal training session with me; just 5 minutes of resting & breathing exercise make a huge difference on their workout performance.  Here are some tricks to do on your own prior to beginning your exercise program.

  • Comfort is the key: Bring a beach towel or a mat and lay on your back with arms by your side and palms facing the sky
  • Shut the brain off: We have as many as 70,000 thoughts a day! Focus on your breathing by inhaling and exhaling through your nose
  • If you find that you’re close to falling asleep, take a seated position and bring your spine neutral with your chest pointed toward the sky.


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