How to Avoid Gaining Weight While Traveling


Traveling invariably means there will be changes in your diet. We have a tendency to eat badly, more or different on holidays which results in us consuming more calories. Well, whether that happens or not is our choice – eat less and more often by watching your portions and sharing meals. An easy and obvious way to consume less calories is to choose healthy meals from restaurant menus.

Drink wine in moderation. One glass is a lot better than one bottle!

Stop at the grocery store to purchase fruit and healthy snacks.

Bring just one set of active wear and running shoes then wash as required so you can travel light.

Bring a band in your luggage and do your workout in your hotel room. Contact me to get your “Travel band exercise program”.

Book a hotel with a gym and go! Even 30 minutes will help keep you on track.

Instead of sunbathing for hours on a beach, get moving! Rent a double kayak, try a paddle board, rent a bicycle, etc.

While visiting busy towns or cities, leave the car at the hotel – you will save time, money and frustration by not trying to find a parking spot. Walk or bike to do your sightseeing and use public transportation for longer distances. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes to avoid pain in your knees and developing blisters. Please, save your flip flops for the beach only!

Have a good trip!