Exercise = happiness

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The year of 2013 has been emotionally challenging for me and I can tell you from experience that exercise kept me alive mentally and physically.  First, I lost my favorite 55-year-old aunt from cancer and the love of my life of seven years has not supported and he did not come with me to the funeral. The next month, he left me. Seriously, I was depressed, unhappy, and upset.  It was such a good thing that I was teaching classes because it forced me to be in class with people who expected me to teach!!  With time, I realized that I had feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.  The Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that only 15 minutes or longer of physical activity helps people to have higher pleasure-activated feelings than people who are less physically active.  So, if you are depressed, stressed or upset, “Let’s Get Back on Track” by going outside for a brisk walk, call me to get your workout, or use your membership by visiting your favorite gym for a quick energized workout.  Trust me, the hardest is to get out of the house or the office.  If you still don’t have the courage to do it, you need my help.  Contact your fitness trainer in Kelowna  (click here to contact me).