8 Effects of Too Much Caffeine in Your Body

Are you a coffee drinker? Is it your first drink in the morning? The Coffee Industry in Canada is equal to $6.2 billion! Indeed, coffee (72%) and water (66%) are the two main beverages for Canadians. Instead of coffee being your first drink in the morning, try to swallow one big glass of filtered water. We are dehydrated in the morning and coffee is a diuretic.

Drinking coffee or other drinks containing caffeine, like tea, soda, and sport drinks, can be beneficial for some people and too much can be very hurtful for their health.

Some people cannot wake up or function until they have one of two cups of Joe! Caffeine helps with brain function, performance, mood, and fitness performance.

If you drink less than 2.5 cups of coffee per day, you might not feel the negative effects of caffeine in your body. Perhaps, if you need coffee to go through your day and drink four of more coffee cups, you might feel shaky! I know that my body doesn’t like strong coffees! If I drink a strong, highly caffeinated coffee like Starbucks, I get butterflies in my stomach and I don’t feel good at all. Starbucks Caffeine Contents Did you know that Starbucks has one of the strongest coffee?

Too much caffeine consumption stimulates adrenal glands function
 by increasing heart rate, blood pressure, alertness, and body temperature. Other side effects are:

  • Dehydration
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Shaky feeling and butterflies
  • Higher heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Stomachaches

Several years ago, one of my good friends and clients has introduced me to Crio Bru, cocoa grounds. This is what I drink in the morning instead of coffee. Sometimes, I use 2 Tbsp of the Crio Bru and 1 Tbsp of regular coffee to give me a little boost! Crio Bru doesn’t have any side effects like coffee does and I love the taste of it. I buy the Cavalla French Roast (for the French gal) at Nature’s Fare. Read more here.