Kelowna – Rock Creek Circle Route

That’s the perfect ride on hot and sunny days.  You can stay on highways or use some back roads between Penticton to Osoyoos.

  • Option 1:  Kelowna to Osoyoos using Green Mountain Rd (passed Kaleden) : Google Maps    2h35 min for 175 km
  • Option 2:  Kelowna to Ososyoos by Keremeos: Google Maps 2h03 min for 157 km
  • Option 3:  Kelowna to Osoyoos on highways: Google Maps   1h50 min for 127 km


  • From Osoyoos to Kelowna by Rock Creek : Google Maps  2h13 min for 182 km


  • Before arriving to Osoyoos, I like showing Spotted Lake to my rider friends.  The lake has white circle spots witch are caused by dense deposits of magnesium sulphate, calcium and sodium sulphates among other minerals.
  • On the way down before arriving to Osoyoos, there is a nice view point on the left-hand side of the road to get a pic of the mountains, the city and the lake. Please take note that left-hand side turns are not allowed… but…
  • For lunch, I like stopping at the Owl Pub in Osoyoos.  There is a nice patio with a view on the lake.
  • I always carry my swimsuit and beach towel with me. I love going swimming in the lake before hitting the road again.
  • When you leave Osoyoos by Hwy 3,  there is Anarchist Mountain Lookout where  you can stop to admire the scenery of the city and the lake.