Motorcycle Day Trips



I got my motorcycle licence when I was 25 or 26 years old which caused my parent’s hair to turn white overnight.  I started riding again in 2010 when I bought Rhonda – my Honda 700 NCX, and since then, I’m hooked!  My goal is to travel with Rhonda as much as I can.

The trips are linked to Google Maps, so you can transfer them to your phone.  Sometimes, I also write the names of the roads on ‘post-it’ notes and stick them on my gas tank with clear tape 🙂

Let’s go!! Vroom Vroom…

A “Quicky”… Perfect For An Afternoon Ride

1- East Side Kelowna to Black Mountain: 1hr for 40 km


2- Kelowna to Vernon using Carrs Landing Rd. and back by Westside Rd: 2h20 min. for 141 km



Day Trip

1-  Kelowna to Grindrod: 4 hrs for 240 km

2- Kelowna to Rock Creek Circle Route: 4h30 min for 310 km

3- Kelowna to Falkland and Salmon Arm: 4h42 min for 342 km

4- Kelowna to Aspen Grove, Princeton, Penticton Circle Route: 4h15 min for 345 km

2 Day Trip

1- Kelowna to Lillooet by Lytton and back from Kamloops for 688 km

2- Kelowna to Harrison Hot Springs and back by Kamloops for 815 km