Change your habits: eat and step up!

By March 15, 2014Blog

         Once you have decided to make the move and get out the couch, you also need to change your eating habits. Your health should be the top priority in your life – get healthier and feel better. Keep in mind that we are what we eat and do. “People who change their diet and exercise plans simultaneously are more successful at sticking with both than those who focus […]

Arthritis and Pain Management

By March 11, 2014Blog

Pain and discomfort are side effects of arthritis. The goal is to distinguish between pain that is normal and pain that is abnormal. With physical activity it is normal to feel some discomfort but not extreme pain. Before you start, a hot shower or bath, heating pad, electric blanket, or a hot towel is sometimes recommended prior to exercise. Heat helps to decrease pain and stiffness and makes exercise easier […]

Exercise = happiness

By February 20, 2014Blog

  The year of 2013 has been emotionally challenging for me and I can tell you from experience that exercise kept me alive mentally and physically.  First, I lost my favorite 55-year-old aunt from cancer and the love of my life of seven years has not supported and he did not come with me to the funeral. The next month, he left me. Seriously, I was depressed, unhappy, and upset.  […]

Do you get support from your relatives and friends to achieve your fitness goal?

By February 18, 2014Blog

One of the reasons people quit their exercise program is because they do not feel supported by their relatives and friends. The best way to know if you have supporters or enemies around you is by listening to them, the way they talk to you.  Somebody who loves and respects you will be behind you in any circumstance of your life.  Perhaps, an enemy will be negative and not believe […]

Follow your heart and instinct to build a powerful vision

By January 30, 2014Blog

Usually, each seven years, the human being is in a normal transition.  This transition can be feel like being lost, search for answers by asking different questions of yourself such as, who am I?  Where am I? What are my next desires and goals in life? Powerful vision is imagin on where you want to be in the near future.  To help you with that transition, write down vision statements […]

Regular Yoga exercise improves posture and balance

By January 30, 2014Blog

Remarkable improvements in spinal alignment were found after practicing the 12 basic asanas, on which the Sivananda class is based. Generally following 3 weeks to 1 month of intense yoga practice the results have been remarkable. But later is was revealed that the postural improvements must be due to the intense practice of balancing of muscle length and muscle strength.  So, go on your mat everyone!  Call now to get […]

10 Rules to Lose Weight and Stick With It

By January 21, 2014Blog

Rule no 1: Write down these:  Set up long and short term goals. For example, how many pounds would you like to lose total (long term goal). Next, how many pounds per month would you like to lose; maximum 1-2 pounds/week (short term goal)? What are you going to do to reach your goals; change your eating habits/increase physical activities? What is your time frame? The more pounds you need […]

Exercise after dinner and before bed

By January 19, 2014Blog

If you reserve your exercise program 1 hour after a light dinner and before 2 hours prior to bed, you should sleep like a baby!  A recent study in the Journal of Sleep Research found that after a sweaty workout, you improve your overall sleep. Are you still skeptical?  Keep a log for 1 week of your exercise time and record how you sleep afterward.  Exercising whenever you can is […]

Tight muscles need TLC

By January 14, 2014Blog

When I did my 200-hour Yoga training in Thailand, I realised that all tight muscles have a reason to be this way: to protect you from over-stretching them.  Usually those muscles can also be weak and create an imbalance between agonist (example: quadriceps) and antagonist (example: hamstrings) muscles and an instability which can be expressed by pain in joints. Getting less flexible with age is normal, but getting restricted in […]

5 Reasons Why You Don’t See Results After 4 Weeks of Training

By January 11, 2014Blog

First, you need to change your way of eating.  Clean out your pantry and eliminate all food high in trans fat and sugar.  I always say to my clients, what is not good for you is not good for your family members either.  Good meals should take only 30 minutes to prepare. If you are just getting started on an exercise program, first you need to know that it takes […]

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    Osteofit: Melanie takes her work very seriously and gives to her classes more than 100 per cent. She keeps up with the latest changes and makes sure we have individual attention with regard to our personal health issues. I love our class. We enjoy ourselves as well as work hard to maintain our different fitness levels. Thank you Melanie for your kind and caring ways with your clients.

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