By August 4, 2020Blog

WITH THIS DIFFICULT TIME: LET’S KEEP OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, MOOD, AND ENERGY UP!     How: Download Zoom Meeting for free   Fees:  Starting July 1st, classes will be a minimum of $5 donation.     Here is the schedule:   – Every Mon. 9 am: ZumbaJoin Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/836132924…Meeting ID: 836 132 924Password: 065964   – Every Tu. 9 am: YogaJoin Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/588032445…Meeting ID: 588 032 445Password: 037479   – […]

Outdoor Yoga, Wednesday @ 5:30 pm

By August 3, 2020Blog

Are you tired of being stuck inside? Do you feel to see other human beings? I do! My people want me to start again the Outdoor Yoga! When and Time: Wednesday @ 5:30 pm Where: Barlee Park on Barlee Rd (click here to see the map) Session 1: Wednesday, June 17th – July 29th, 2020Fees for session 1: $60 cash only or drop in : $15 Session 2: Wednesday, August […]

Do You Have Cravings? Your Body is Trying To Tell You Something.

By August 2, 2020Blog

Even if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, you may experience periodic food cravings. The desire to eat a bag of pretzels every night accompanied by a can of pop is not an example of a periodic craving. That is an example of an unhealthy diet choice. What I am talking about is the periodic desire for the taste of certain foods. We all have these cravings. For myself, I […]

Do You Live Your Life To The Fullest? What Are Your Dreams And Goals?

By July 26, 2020Blog

Do you like having your weekends off? I do! At the beginning of my fitness career, I had a six-day work week. A few years ago, I have decided that weekends were MINE. They would be my time to recharge my batteries, but what would I do to keep myself occupied? I think you know that answer already! I like working out in the morning before leaving on a road […]

7 Tricks To Eat Healthy Even When We Are Under Stress

By July 16, 2020Blog

Stress has the ability to totally disrupt our lives. The Covid 19 pandemic, its fears, required precautions, and the constant reminders of its devastating effect have placed underlying stress on all of us. Yet day to day mishaps can add to that stress. Last week was an exceptionally stressful one for me. I have been a Zumba instructor for over 10 years. Can you imagine how much music I have? […]

Surround Yourself with People You Love and Love You Back

By July 11, 2020Blog

I have been in fitness for over 10 years and I know I found my passion. When I was in Quebec working in Chemistry, in a lab, I knew it was temporary, until I found my dream job. Over the years, by being a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I have met wonderful people and a lot of them have become part of my family. I don’t have any family […]

What can 10 pounds overweight do to our bodies?

By July 7, 2020Blog

Being overweight, even just 10 pounds, can be harder on joints.  If someone is 50 pounds overweight, it represents 75 pounds more on their knees! That’s why we see way more hip and knee replacements.  Having a few pounds more around the waist increases our chance of developing osteoarthritis in joints (hips/knees) and can cause pain because of the wear and tear of cartilage. Indeed, it can create inflammation in other joints such as […]

10 Ways to Naturally Sweeten Your Food and Drinks

By July 4, 2020Blog

In our modern world, sugar is now everywhere. It is added to drinks, bread, salad dressing, ketchup and BBQ sauce, yogurt, and processed food. Companies want you to become addicted, to buy and crave for more. In the 50’s, people were consuming an average of 5 lbs of sugar per year. Today, it is 158 lbs per person! That is one of the reasons why there are more obese people […]

8 Effects of Too Much Caffeine in Your Body

By June 20, 2020Blog

Are you a coffee drinker? Is it your first drink in the morning? The Coffee Industry in Canada is equal to $6.2 billion! Indeed, coffee (72%) and water (66%) are the two main beverages for Canadians. Instead of coffee being your first drink in the morning, try to swallow one big glass of filtered water. We are dehydrated in the morning and coffee is a diuretic. Drinking coffee or other […]

Artificial Sweeteners Can Change Your Gut’s Microbiota

By June 13, 2020Blog

After only one week of consuming artificial sweeteners from drinks and foods, people started to develop glucose intolerance, a metabolic condition also known as prediabetes! Microbiota in your gut changes and the absorption of nutrients as well. Artificial sweeteners can be widely found in: Drinks Jams and jellies Canned foods Baked goods Candies Puddings Diary alternatives such as soy, almond, coconut milk Sugar alternatives such as saccharin Read the ingredients […]

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    Mel, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy your Online Friday chair yoga classes. It is so nice to see your smiling face and dedication teaching us. I hope that one day soon we will be able to return to the center to meet up again with all our friends.  Stay well and please keep your nice smile.  

    - Irmgard,

    Mel, thank you so much for offering Online Fitness Classes!  I love all your videos.  You provide a great variety of exercises and it can be modified to make it harder which is great.  I was telling everyone because I am used to your style of yoga, when I close my eyes and hear your voice, it’s like we are in the same room.  Much love, Jackie.

    - Jackie St. G.,