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Salmon Salad Wrap

Serves: 4

Smoked Paprika Salmon

Cooktime: 20 minutes
Serves: 4


- Ginette W,

After 20 years, I can still fit in my wedding dress! I had Melanie as my personal trainer for 5 months; she helped lose me 40 pounds!

- John M,

I have a damaged back, knees, and ankle. Melanie has developed a unique program that compliments the therapy I am receiving from my chiropractor.


To Boost Your Focus, Strike a Yoga Pose

By October 15, 2016Blog

It takes only 20 minutes of yoga to help you process information more quickly and accurately. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, yoga works better to improve your concentration than walking or running on a treadmill. Indeed, yoga reduces anxiety which can improve cognitive performance. If you feel like you need to re-focus, I recommend that you do 3 sets of […]

1 Million of Plastic Bag are Used Every Minute

By October 7, 2016Blog

 Source: by Julie Prescott, The Magazine of Natural’s Fare Markets Read more on Plastic Pollution Website here.

All You Need To Know About The HIIT Workout For Beginners

By October 6, 2016Blog

Join our HIIT classes here From: Positive HealthWellness All You Need To Know About The HIIT Workout For Beginners